DATE: 6/12/2000

President: George Puddington V.P. Single Homes: Richard Schinner

V.P. Townhomes: Ali Rad Treasurer: Terence Chan Secretary: Karen Harris

e-mail: arad@radtc.com e-mail: tlc@nrc.gov

Members present: All except Karen

Guests: None

  1. Richard and Ali to do a walk through with McLean Sprinklers on Wednesday 6/14. Richard to ask them for plans. Richard to discuss the 1/3 down payment asked for by McLean.
  2. Richard asked Facility services to replace the cherry trees and on the berm and the bushes along Blackberry Dr.
  3. ABS has sent renewal contract for $585.00 per month.
  4. Richard met with Dave Gardner regarding Potomac Garden Center. Dave Gardner promised to get an environmental engineer and write a letter to him to setup a meeting, however, he has not done so in a timely manner. A runoff expert called Richard but he was no help. Richard showed the board his back yard and the dead killed as a result of the runoffs from the nursery.
  5. Richard brought up the letter Dave Gardner wrote to the State Highway Administration.
  6. Benches installation estimate was given. Cost around $1,600.00. This estimate is for 9 benches. Terrance thinks we should go ahead and pay the guy up front since hes a small operation. Terrance will call to have work started.
  7. American Striping to redo the parking spaces. Richard will follow up with them about striping and resurfacing bike path. American Striping gave an estimate for this 9/99.
  8. Richard unhappy with the current garbage collection company. He will check other companies.
  9. Terrance suggested Ruperts as an alternative to Facility Services.
  10. Richard asked for 5 trees to be planted behind his house to hide the nursery.
  11. Owners who have been delinquent with their payments were discussed.
  12. Ernie needs to be called to have sprinkler system turned on 301-937-4696.