DATE: 3/13/2000

President: George Puddington V.P. Single Homes: Richard Schinner

e-mail: georgep@ibm.net

V.P. Townhomes: Ali Rad Treasurer: Terence Chan Secretary: Karen Harris

e-mail: arad@radtc.com e-mail: tlc@nrc.gov

Members present: All except Terence

Members absent: Richard Schinner

Guests: None


Old Business:

  1. Terence Chan spoke about delinquent payments on HOA quarterly fees.
  2. Payment due on HOA P.O.Box.
  3. Star Power.

Star Power and Dave Gardner have worked out all details of agreement. Starpower has already started mapping out our area.

New Business:

  1. Minutes accepted from 2/7/2000
  2. Quote for the irrigation system for the front of the community $5192. McLean has been asked for estimate for all areas. Company needs permits from Montgomery County.
  3. Ruling on regulating landscaping. They have to be in the by-laws. Amend guidelines tp incorporate articles VIII Sect. I and Sect 8M of the declaration covenants. Unanimously approved.
  4. A sample of the granite which the new benches are to be made of was passed around. $350 retail, we can get them for $300 for 8. Quarry by Gude drive. Concrete foundations are needed to secure benches. 6 benches for the circles and 3 in tot lots. Motion to get 6 gray benches for circles and 3 brown pink benches for tot lots.
  5. George asked if highway commission had any info on turn lane. No response. Widening of Rt. 28 has gone quiet for now. George mentioned Mr. & Mrs. Steinberg have been hit twice turning into community. A request to re-stripe has been made.
  6. Karen complained about pet feces on the Sullivan sidewalk. Ask architectural review board to have a look. Mr. Beiter is president. The invisible fence on the Sullivan property overshoots the border.
  7. Vinyl Chippendale style fences are the best replacement for rotting wood.
  8. Satellites can now get local channels.
  9. Purdies and others complained about neighbors not shoveling snow. HOA discussed shoveling common areas.