DATE: 5/15/2000

President: George Puddington V.P. Single Homes: Richard Schinner

V.P. Townhomes: Ali Rad Treasurer: Terence Chan Secretary: Karen Harris

e-mail: arad@radtc.com e-mail: tlc@nrc.gov

Members present: All

Guests: David Sullivan

  1. Minutes of the last meeting accepted.
  2. Starpower – Access agreement has been submitted. No signed copy received back as yet.
  3. Rt. 28 Project – George got a call from the project-planning engineer. He asked George’s opinion about the various proposed solutions. George wasn’t thrilled with any of them. The Orchards across Rt. 28 is still discussing left turn. They have a back exist and our community does not, yet they are getting a left turn and we are not. Who is negotiating with the state on behalf of the Orchards?
  4. Common Area Improvements – 9 new benches. It will cost $1000 just to drill 108 holes needed to anchor the benches, which seemed a lot to everyone. This does not include labor. The stone mason delivers. Only one quote received so far.
  5. Facility Services – Replacing dead bushes. East side flowerbed. Sometimes Facilities is responsive and other times they’re not. Ravine cleanup - $500 to maintain and cleanup. Wood chips need freshening; sandbox needs removing and replaced with wood chips. Play House in the tot-lot needs inspection and maybe some repair. Leslie Bayder’s brother in-law did work previously. All mulching in public areas that mulch buildup are supposed to be done.
  6. Broken tar on the walkway. American Striping was hired last year to repave the bike path, however, no work was done. No money was paid. American Striping needs to be re-contacted to have the work done.
  7. Sprinkler system to extended in various areas. Some were concerned that the widening of Rt. 28 will destroy the sprinklers on the north side of the berm. Dave Gardner will be asked to file an injunction to delay plans for Rt. 28 expansion. Ask state delegate to put in a word to the state for us to consider our need for a left + right turn out of the community.
  8. Richard asked about Dave Gardner’s rates. George says Dave is on top of the laws and handles several associations. He likes to compromise and satisfy parties involved in the conflict.
  9. Facility Services gave a quote to plant bulbs in front of the community. Richard thought it was expensive.
  10. Ali asked who changes outside lamppost lights. George answered no one in particular but Jerry way has been doing it most of the time as a courtesy. Ali mentioned that several townhouse owners ignore lamppost lights that are out and it makes public areas dark and dangerous. Ali was given the go ahead to send letters. It’s in the by-laws that these residents are responsible.
  11. 2 of the townhouses have dead trees that need to be removed or replaced.
  12. Potomac Garden Center creates an eyesore for the back lots of our neighbors. They dump and create filth. Dave Gardner to write a letter to Bob Angel (owner) about run-off debris, trash, noise, mounds of dirt. Send copy of the letter to the county. Bob Angel told Richard that the county was going to run a pipe. Richard contacted the county and they denied this. 18 families are affected by this problem.
  13. David Sullivan presented info about nursery noise level. Bob Angel has a special exception for his business and the county lets him do whatever he wants. Non of the complaints from our community have been taken seriously. A suggestion was made to have Dave Gardner work on this. Richard had several letters to provide for inspection of committee. Bob Angel is not a man of his word. Richard will contact Dave Gardner 301-762-8475. Motion made to have Dave Gardner pursue this issue and bill the HOA.
  14. George Puddington resigned from the board. A new president is needed.