DATE: 10/13/2000

President: V.P. Single Homes: Richard Schinner

V.P. Townhomes: Ali Rad Treasurer: Terence Chan Secretary: Karen Harris

e-mail: arad@radtc.com e-mail: tlc@nrc.gov

Eileen Solomon


Members present: All

Guests: None

  1. Karen mentioned that one of the neighbors on Blackberry Terrace was having problems with some teenagers that were crossing through her property and were cursing at her and urinating on her lawn. The unfinished buildings in the adjacent community seem to be attracting these teenagers. She seems to think the HOA should build a fence for her to keep these people out. Board members disagree.
  2. Ali asked Dave Gardner to send Ken Abod an e-mail stating that Mr.Abod’s neighbor was not obligated to honor any agreements that he may have had with the previous owner. Mr. Abod has accepted this fact.
  3. Sprinkler System – Ken Frank needs to get a plumber to hook up the system to his water. He would then be reimbursed by the HOA.
  4. The cost of replacing dead trees and shrubs is $8800, the sprinkler System $14600. The board unanimously voted to award contract to Unity.
  5. StarPower still has not come back with an explanation as to why work has not started to bring service to our community. Ali will follow up again.
  6. Terence called the electrician to fix the lights in the 3 lampposts that are out in the townhouse area.
  7. Richard gave everyone new Kinkos cards.
  8. Terence mentioned that ABS already has a copy of the by-laws and that we can call them to get a copy.
  9. The Apolinos were called about their dog barking all day. Karen left them a message.
  10. John Bieter has quit the Architectural Review board the only remaining member is Reardon Sullivan.
  11. The owner at 5 Cherry Blossom Ct (Olita Delores Wilson) has not paid her quarterly fees since 3/99. A letter should be sent to her regarding the stopping of services until she pays.
  12. General meeting to be held second week of January.
  13. The merry-go-round in the tot lot needs to be fixed. Karen will check files to see where it was purchased.