DATE: 9/11/2000

President: V.P. Single Homes: Richard Schinner

V.P. Townhomes: Ali Rad Treasurer: Terence Chan Secretary: Karen Harris

e-mail: arad@radtc.com e-mail: tlc@nrc.gov

Eileen Solomon


Members present: All except Karen

Guests: None

  1. Ali brought up Ken Abod’s disagreement with his neighbor. Ali will go by his house and look at the area in question.
  2. The meeting minutes for May, June, and July were adopted.
  3. MD Highway Administration – They have marked the jug handle alternative. Richard and Terence have taken a look at it and they both agree that it is a good solution. Eileen brought up the fact that there is one townhouse owner that is very upset (last house on the left of Cherry Blossom Ct.). Ali mentioned that the Highway Administration representative had told him that there is a good chance that they would extend the berm around the corner of the community.
  4. A new flyer is to be mailed out regarding the
  5. Sprinkler System – Dave Gardner to come up with a letter of agreement between the HOA and Ken Frank. Richard stated that Dave Gardner is very slow. Terence asked if the new sprinkler system would be affected by the Rt. 28 expansion. Richard said no.
  6. Richard asked Unity to inventory all the dead trees and the bid on replacing them along with Facilities.
  7. American Striping finished repaving the bike path.
  8. No new developments on the StarPower contract.
  9. Ali asked about satellite dish size limits. Terence said the FCC limit is 1 meter (39 in.).
  10. Richard would like to see about finding a new lawyer for the HOA. He says that Dave Gardner is very non-responsive.
  11. The board unanimously voted to cancel this year’s picnic.
  12. Eileen brought up the fact that some lampposts were out in the townhouse area.
  13. Terence brought up the fact that we should have a quarterly newsletter.
  14. Richard mentioned that he had updated the membership information for the HOA account with Kinkos.
  15. Richard said that in the Kentlands they have signs such as "Pick up after your dog". He thinks it would be a good idea for us to have similar signs. He proposed a $500 limit for 10 signs. The board agreed unanimously.
  16. Terence got the name of the printer that prints HOA stationary. Richard suggested supplying ABS with some HOA stationary to be used for HOA business.
  17. Richard thinks that ABS should have a copy of our by-laws to send to all new board members and new owners.
  18. Ali asked if a basketball hoop is allowed in the townhouse area. Contact the architectural review board.
  19. 8/21 meeting minutes were adopted.
  20. Terence handed out the 1999 & 1998 financial statements.
  21. Ali to check the snow removal contract.
  22. Terence got a bill for 5 hours from Dave Gardner for work performed in July.
  23. Terence mentioned that the tree on the corner of Blackberry Drive and the walk way needs trimming.