PRESIDENT, Richard Schinner-301-977-5196 or evantage@aol.com

VP DETACHED HOMES, we still need a representative

VP TOWNHOMES, Eileen Solomon-301-330-2876 or zeppsol@aol.com

TREASURER, Ali Rad-301-721-9569 or arad@radtc.com

SECRETARY, Ken Frank-301-990-0050 or kfrank@pardoe.com

AT-LARGE MEMBER, Mohammed Homaitabar-301-318-8446 or homai@verizon.com



John Beiter, OK homeowner

Ed Abrams, OK homeowner and ARC member

Jerry Way, OK homeowner

Cheryl Berger, ABS, OKHA management firm


The regular monthly meeting of the Orchard Knolls Homeowners Association (hereinafter OKHA) was called to order at 7:30pm on December 10th by Richard Schinner, President.

  2. A Motion was made, seconded and passed approving the Minutes of the November OKHA Board Meeting with a few minor clerical corrections.

  1. OKHA information and monthly minutes are on our web site www.orchardknolls.org.
  2. The tree downed on the circle at Blackberry Terrace during a recent storm will be replaced in the Spring as the three trees remain on back-order.
  3. An RFP is being developed for the landscape maintenance contract of our community.
  4. Trash collection occurs on Mondays and Thursdays (around 10am). Please do not put out trash any earlier than the evening before, the morning of is even better to avoid problems with dogs, birds, deer and other wildlife strewing debris about. Also, keep your garage door closed whenever possible; it reduces the potential of any vandalism or theft.
  5. The OKHA Annual Meeting and Dessert is scheduled for Monday, February 11th in the multi-purpose room at Rachel Carson Elementary School. OK owners and/or residents are encouraged to bring their favorite dessert to share! The Board would like to not only have many participants, but to make it a fun and enjoyable evening as well. This is a great opportunity to get to know all your OK neighbors and keep up with Association activities! The Board is also trying to gather input, ideas, and constructive criticism in preparation of the annual budget process. Your letters and emails are welcome!
  6. The Annual OKHA Yard Sale will take place this spring, details to follow. We will coordinate with the annual church tent sale and encourage OKHA residents to place items in your own driveway for sale. The Board hopes the Yard Sale itself will be successful, but will also limit the number of individual yard/garage sales, which create some traffic and visual headaches on a number of weekends.


  1. Board began a discussion concerning the construction of a storage shed in rear of the Beiterís property. Some appropriate historical background on the OKHA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) was reviewed as it applied to this situation. Although Mr. Beiter was previously a member of the ARC, and some questions arose as to who are ARC members and what procedures are, the Board decided to focus on the issue of the size and location of the shed, and the precedent it may set rather than on the procedural question regarding the approval process.
  2. Upon further discussion, the Board acknowledged three current members of the ARC: Jeff Purdy, Ed Abrams and Reardon Sullivan and reserved question about how and when Mr. Beiter removed himself from the ARC committee.

    John Beiter explained the process he followed to obtain Montgomery County permit; by obtaining the signature of one ARC committee member and proceeding to MC for a permit, which was granted.

    The Board has received a number of complaints about the size, location and permanency of the shed, which led to the discussion. ARC member Ed Abrams described his understanding of the process, with emphasis on previous situations. Homeowner Jerry Way provided his perspectives and concerns primarily as a neighbor, and secondarily as a past member of the Board and ARC.

    The Board discussed some of the changes that had been made previously in the ARC review process and will consider additional changes to the ARC procedures.

    After lengthy discussion, the Board voted to bring the matter to the attention of MC, asking for an evaluation of the permit in light of the dimensions and location of the nearly completed shed with regard to property boundaries, setback and wetland restrictions.

    Upon receipt of MC review, the Board will consider appropriate steps.

  3. The Budget Review Process proceeded on a line-by-line basis with Cheryl Berger of ABS, our management firm. Although the Board is considering a number of adjustments to our Budget, and may undertake a Reserves Analysis early in 2002, THE BOARD MADE NO CHANGES IN ASSESSMENTS FOR 2002.


The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held at Secretary Frankís home (15630 Blackberry Drive) on Monday, January 14th at 730pm. All property owners are welcome to attend any OKHA Board of Directors Meeting. Your input, via telephone, letter or email is always welcome as well.

There being no further business, the Board Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm