DATE: 1/24/2001

President: V.P. Single Homes: Richard Schinner

V.P. Townhomes: Ali Rad Treasurer: Terence Chan Secretary: Karen Harris

e-mail: arad@radtc.com e-mail: tlc@nrc.gov

Eileen Solomon


Members present: All

  1. Terence spoke regarding election of new board members, year 2000 improvements, widening of Rt. 28 vote. Construction on that should begin spring 2001.
  2. Major expenses were incurred on the extension of the sprinkler system. Stone benches installed to replace old wooden benches.
  3. The picnic money was allocated to improving common areas, such as building fences, after the new jug-handle is built as part of Rt. 28 widening.
  4. 38 new tree were planted to replace dead trees.
  5. Ali addressed the issue of rotting railings in townhouse area. The contractor that did work at #7 Cherry Blossom Ct. had sent a bid. The more people that participate the cheaper it will be. The issue of Chippendale pattern was brought up. The railings in front of the townhouses need to be Chippendale but not the deck railings.
  6. A community member asked about StarPower. The explanation given in monthly board meetings was repeated.
  7. The merry-go-round will be fixed or replaced in the spring.
  8. Townhouse areas have very icy segments that don’t get any sun. Ali to call snow removal person to see if he will salt those segments.
  9. Some community members complained about the recycling people leaving a lot of trash.
  10. The problem with the teenagers from Quince Orchard Knolls was brought up. It was mentioned that they had been stealing mail from people’s mailboxes. George Puddington had called the postmaster but they had been pretty unresponsive. Several police reports have been filed. Richard mentioned again the idea of asking the county to force Toll Brothers to set up a fence before donating land to the county. Some of the people who have been affected by this problem asked that the board pay for a fence. The board members again replied that it would set a bad precedence. The board asked for copies of the police reports filed. Terence suggested getting a petition signed by the community and sending it to the police so they can monitor Blackberry Terrace.
  11. the subject of the picnic was brought up again and some community members suggested having it somewhere other that parking lots. One suggestion was Rachel Carson Field on Quince Mill Park.
  12. Annual Budget – No change in assessment from last year. $5000 surplus was carried over to 2001. The intent for 2001 is landscaping, site improvements, tot lots. People asked about the large sum of money in the townhouse reserve fund and the response was that it was to be used for repaving the private streets. The budget was approved unanimously.
  13. Election of Board Members – Terence Chan resigned. Ken Frank was elected and so was Eileen Solomon who had been an acting member since George Puddington resigned. The Architectural Review board members are Sully, Jess Purdy, Ed Abrahams and Hal Freed.