JULY 2001


PRESIDENT, Richard Schinner-301-977-5196 or evantage@aol.com

VP DETACHED HOMES, Open Position (our community and Board needs your participation)

VP TOWNHOMES, Eileen Solomon-301-330-2876 or zeppsol@aol.com

TREASURER, Ail Rad-301-721-9569 or arad@radtc.com

SECRETARY, Ken Frank-301-990-0050 or kfrank@pardoe.com



Reardon Sullivan, Technical Advisor and OK Homeowner-sully@wfteng.com


The regular monthly meeting of the Orchard Knolls Homeowners Association (hereinafter OKHA) was called to order at 7:30pm on July 9th by Richard Schinner, President.

  2. A Motion was made, seconded and passed approving the Minutes of the June 11th OKHA Board Meeting.

  1. A reminder that OKHA information and monthly minutes are on our web site www.orchardknolls.org.
  2. Townhouse Parking Area Update-park excess vehicles, and those of your guests, in designated areas and on Blackberry Drive, NOT in the townhouse area or on sidewalks. Enforcement, and potential towing of violations, will be undertaken. The Board will be producing "notices" to be posted on offending vehicles prior to towing. The intent is not to tow, but rather to encourage compliance with parking regulations.
  3. As a result of a written complaint and follow-up by the OKHA Board, improvements were made by residents with regard to trash being placed curbside earlier than the evening before a pickup and maintenance of limited common areas (tree boxes for example). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by all residents.
  4. Potomac Nursery (PN) was sent a letter regarding the use of an OKHA fire hydrant and another request to address the work they previously agreed to complete. OKHA Attorney David Gardnerís letter included complaints about the noise of a generator on PN property, suggested walking OK grounds to review problems and to discuss potential fencing.
  1. The Board is not satisfied with the work of Facilities Service Company, Inc. OKHA has re-confirmed the 30-day notice in our Agreement if Facilities Service Company does not perform and will consider putting an RFP together to re-bid the contract next year. The Board is not sure OK has a fair contract, or if our expectations are unreasonable given the value of the contract.
  2. The property to the East of our community received preliminary approval by the County, with input from OKHA Attorney David Gardner regarding site work, lighting, finishes, etc. OK homeowners will be receiving additional information as this project moves along the approval process.
  3. Two minor repairs were made in the underground sprinklers.



  1. The OKHA Board is finalizing a contract to have the streets in the townhouse area sealed, repaired, re-painted, and sidewalk concrete repairs made over the next two months. Residents will be given ample notice to move vehicles to facilitate the work.
  2. Due to storm damage, OKHA had a large tree in the tot lot trimmed at a cost of $750 and a smaller tree removed at a cost of $350. The smaller tree will be replaced and the costs are covered by our OKHA insurance policy.
  3. Owners are reminded that as a member of the community, you are obligated to disclose the OKHA, fee structure, and governing documents to potential purchasers and tenants. Recently, a sale was completed in the community and the new owner was not fully informed until some time after settlement. In the meantime, the new owner had made changes in the property that do not comply with Association rules and the Board must now take action on the issue that could have easily been avoided has the Seller fully informed the Purchaser.


The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held at Secretary Frankís home (15630 Blackberry Drive) on Monday, August 13th at 7:30pm. All property owners are welcome to attend any OKHA Board of Directors Meeting. Your input, via telephone, letter or email is always welcome as well.

There being no further business, the Board Meeting adjourned at 9pm