PRESIDENT, Richard Schinner-301-977-5196 or evantage@aol.com

VP DETACHED HOMES, we still need a representative for OKHA

VP TOWNHOMES, Eileen Solomon-301-330-2876 or zeppsol@aol.com

TREASURER, Ail Rad-301-721-9569 or arad@radtc.com

SECRETARY, Ken Frank-301-990-0050 or kfrank@pardoe.com


Reardon Sullivan, Technical Advisor and OK Homeowner-sully@wfteng.com


Mohammed Homaitabar-301-318-8446 or homai@verizon.com


The regular monthly meeting of the Orchard Knolls Homeowners Association (hereinafter OKHA) was called to order at 7:30pm on September 10th by Richard Schinner, 2001 President.

  2. A Motion was made, seconded and passed approving the Minutes of the July 9th OKHA Board Meeting. The Board did not hold an August meeting due to summer vacations.

  1. A reminder that OKHA information and monthly minutes are on our web site www.orchardknolls.org.
  2. Thank you for your cooperation while the Townhouse Parking Area was paved and re-striped! We want your ongoing assistance to make sure those excess vehicles, and those of your guests, are parked in designated areas and on Blackberry Drive, NOT in the townhouse area or on sidewalks. Enforcement, and potential towing of violations, will be undertaken. The Board has not only posted "notices" on offending vehicles, but has had to resort to towing offending vehicles. The intent is not to tow, but rather to encourage compliance with parking regulations.
  3. The OKHA Board is investigating a "system" to register all vehicles, perhaps with a custom OKHA sticker, to avoid unnecessary towing, note unregistered vehicles, and better monitor our community.

  4. The OKHA Board has approved the replacement of the tree downed during a recent storm. A substantial tree, in concert with similar varieties elsewhere in our community, will be installed prior to the fallís first hard freeze.
  5. The Potomac Nursery (P.N.) has agreed to meet with the OKHA Board to walk OK grounds, review problems, discuss potential fencing and to submit proposals for tree replacement and in the future, to bid on a maintenance contract.
  6. The Assisted Living Project planned for the property to the East of our community continues to move along the development process. Upon receipt of information, either from the County or from the Developer, the information will be posted on our website. Richard D. Koch, President of National Seniors Housing Corporation is the principle developer and a resident of the Kentlands.
  7. The Board heard from OKHA Attorney Gardner that the "jug handle" negotiations are completed and the State Highway construction is well underway.
  8. The Tot Lot Bridge has been repaired. Thanks to the Beiters and OKHA President Schinner for their persistence.


  1. Satellite Dishes-The OKHA Attorney is re-writing appropriate convenants in our documents to reflect changes made by the FCC in what can and can not be required with regard to installation, location and screening.
  2. Owners are again reminded that as a member of the community, you are obligated to disclose the OKHA, fee structure, and governing documents to potential purchasers and tenants.
  3. Property owners are reminded that the Architectural Committee and Board of Directors will complete the second of our semi-annual "reviews" of the community by conducting a "Tour" (walking inspection) to be held when we change our clocks back for Daylight Saving Time. The "Tour" has been scheduled for 3pm on October 28th. We started last Spring with the townhouses, so this Tour will focus on the detached properties. Any property owner is invited to join in; we will meet at 15630 Blackberry Drive. Please bring your umbrella in case of inclement weather, we will NOT reschedule.
  4. Please note: Trash is now being collected later in the morning on Mondays and Thursdays (around 10am). Do not put out trash any earlier than the evening before, the morning of is even better to avoid problems with dogs, birds, deer and other wildlife strewing debris about. Also, keep your garage door closed whenever possible; it reduces the potential of any vandalism or theft.
  5. The OKHA Annual Meeting and PotLuck Dinner will be held together once a date and site is confirmed. OK owners and residents will be provided with at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting so you can plan accordingly.
  6. The OKHA Board has heard you! We will "revive" the Annual OKHA Yard Sale this Spring, details to follow. Basically, we will coordinate with the annual church tent sale and encourage OKHA residents to place items in your own driveway for sale. The Board hopes the Yard Sale itself will be successful, but will also limit the number of individual yard/garage sales which seem to create some traffic and visual headaches on a number of weekends.
  7. Halloween is Wednesday, October 31st; children will be out from approximately 6pm to 8:30pm. The OKHA Board suggests the following:


The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held at Secretary Frankís home (15630 Blackberry Drive) on Monday, October 8th at 7:30pm. All property owners are welcome to attend any OKHA Board of Directors Meeting. Your input, via telephone, letter or email is always welcome as well.

There being no further business, the Board Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm