JUNE 10, 2002


PRESIDENT Richard Schinner 301-977-5196 evantage@aol.com

SECRETARY Jerry Way 301-977-0523 jerswing@aol.com

AT-LARGE Mohammed Homaitabar 301-318-8446 homaitabar@yahoo.com

TREASURER Ali Rad 301-721-9569 arad@radtc.com

VP TOWNHOMES Eileen Solomon 301-330-2876 zeppsol@aol.com

President also serves as Acting VP, Detached Homes


Kathy Wyatt (ARC), Leslie Beiter, Rita Becker, Paul Andrew Hughs (ARC).


Meeting held in Eileen’s home, called to order at 7:30 Pm. President announced Ken Frank’s resignation. BOD voted by email to unanimously appoint Jerry Way to replace Ken. Jerry volunteered until next annual meeting.


Secretary read May 13 BOD minutes. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, passed.


REPLACEMENT TREES; BLACKBERRY TERRACE – HOA is trying to install six Norway Spruce, 10-12 feet, 3 in each Cul-de-sac. Five contractors have not been responsive. Lee’s Tree Service and Randy’s Tree Service still interested but putting us off. Requested tall trees require major equipment increasing scope. Board recommends reducing height requirement to entice contractors. Rita Becker questioned why budget money was being spent on these trees when… "Gooseberry Ct. neighbors had to pay for their Cul-de-sac trees". President advised the new trees are not from the budget but replacements for storm damaged trees. HOA expects to be reimbursed by insurance.

Editorial Comment: HOA Minutes reflect that "Gooseberry Drive neighbors" volunteered to purchase higher-grade trees with their own money for their Cul-de-sac. These were substitutes for lessor quality trees the developer was installing in all our Cul-de-sacs at that time. They are considered donations to the community.

12011 CHERRY BLOSSOM PLACE Behavior and Relationship Problems. Exterior front door trim and frame is smashed and unsightly. Neighbors complained to BOD that occupants have loud 2am confrontations outside, are smoking pot outside. Neighbors report when confronted the occupants are rude and disrespectful. Ali sees occupants sitting in Gazebo late at night. Montgomery Housing Partnership has been contacted, but the officer assigned responsibility no longer works for them. President will follow up with Montgomery Housing Partnership, the current owner.

15718 CHERRY BLOSSOM LANE "RED" DECK - New owner aware that deck color is in dispute and not approved. Sales agreement to new owner held-back funds in escrow to restore the deck to natural, however nothing has been done for 3 months. Front door color must also change to standards. Jerry agreed to contact owner to resolve

NEW PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT – Kathy Wyatt reports that new, replacement merry-go-round will be installed within 4 weeks.

DOG WASTE PICKUP SIGNS Richard wishes to purchase and install signs in appropriate locations throughout the community. BOD agreed. Several suggested duplicating signs that Kentland uses. Richard will pursue the issue.

15726 CHERRY BLOSSOM LANE – DEAD TREE - HOA replaced the dead tree this month after owner defaulted on our 90 day warning sent via certified letter. Invoice has been sent to owner. If not paid, ABS will collect by applying owners quarterly HOA fees to the debt. Jerry reminded those present that this process needs to be applied to several other non-responsive owners in the community.

RT 28 CONSTRUCTION/JUGHANDLE – Richard provided a favorable report on SHA’s construction schedule, including affirmation that Jughandle will be constructed and is back on schedule. Additionally, Richard confirmed that adjacent property purchased for the National Seniors Housing Corporation closed on time last month. There are no known obstacles to the Jughandle project. Observable progress should begin within 2 months.

POTOMAC GARDEN CENTER - Mohammad reports progress from last Tuesday negotiation with Bob Angell. Bob agreed to accomplish fencing and screening requirements by middle of August, and noise abatement within one year. Bob concurred he is relocating the commercial operation to Frederick, retaining retail operation at this lot. Relocation will complete within a year. Richard asked that document: "Potomac Garden Center Issues (Addendum to Orchard Knolls Minutes" be added to HOA Minutes of March 2002. There were no objections.

SPRING TOWNHOMES WALK-THROUGH INSPECTION - A proposal was made to alert homeowners of overall findings via forthcoming Newsletter. Several members felt Newsletters are not effective getting corrections accomplished. Specific letters have been effective in the past. Discussion whether to send a general letter covering overall findings, Vs sending specific letters to homes with more serious problems resulted in decision to do both. Richard will release ABS to mail the general letter to all townhome owners. Jerry will work with Mohammed to identify what specific letters need to be mailed.

NEWSLETTER – Proposal to develop a newsletter resulted in decision to have members of the board develop community information articles and send it to Ali electronically by Monday July 1. (Next BOD meeting is Monday July 8). Ali will edit and assemble a PageMaker draft newsletter for that meeting.

Editorial Comment – Since the proposed approach to development of this newsletter seems to be a compilation, potential exists to erroneously communicate subjective opinion rather than fact. Secretary wishes to prohibit mailing of newsletter until a final draft is reviewed and signed off by all members of the board and the ARC.

SPEEDING ISSUES - Richard announced that we received positive response from Mr. Tracy Wroe, Traffic Engineer for Montgomery County Traffic and Parking Services. Summarizing, it appears 25MPH Speed Limit signs will be installed on Blackberry Drive within six weeks. An international symbol playground sign may be installed near the Blackberry Drive Tot-Lot. Richard will work with the county on placement. Additionally, temporary speed monitor equipment is possible. Lastly, installation of Speed Humps is also possible, however requires significant research by the association and the county. BOD decided to divide the issue into three phases and evaluate the result at end of each phase before beginning the next.

HOA MAILBOX - Eileen Solomon agreed to pickup HOA mail on a weekly basis starting now. Eileen will open and distribute mail to appropriate members based on areas of responsibility. Post office pickup location will not be changed from Diamond Farms to Kentlands due to high costs associated with changing our address on existing stationary supplies etc.


BLACKBERRY TOT-LOT AREA ILLUMINATION – Ali requests BOD investigate alternative schemes and costs to illuminate the creek and tot-lot areas. Apparently, this area is attracting vandals and pot smoking teens potentially becoming a security problem. Jerry responded indicating previous research into similar electrical proposals resulted in finding out our three electrical circuits are loaded to their maximum. Further electrical demands would require a new (fourth) underground Pepco metered main circuit with transformers at significant expense. Several members suggested that lighting might actually make matters worse – attracting more visitors in the night hours instead of discouraging them. Jerry agreed to contact our street lighting contractor to visit the site and make recommendations.

POISON IVY – Rita Becker requested the board address the poison ivy growing behind non-garaged townhomes between homes and the vacant lot where the Assisted Living Center is proposed. This is the same area that has acquired a lot of household trash. President Schinner agreed to request Facilities Services to kill the poison ivy and clean up the area.

INACTIVE, ABANDONED, UNMAINTAINED VEHICLES - Paul Andrew Hughs reported that at least four vehicles in Cherry Blossom Place are inactive, abandoned or unmaintained. Paul agreed to begin the process to have them towed after appropriate notice to owners.

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE CHANGE REQUESTS - Paul Andrew Hughs and Kathy Wyatt led reviews on following submissions:

15630 Blackberry Drive (Franks) – Siding color change. Disallowed; cannot be same as neighbor. 15630 Blackberry Drive (Franks) – Trim color same as siding. Disallowed.

15630 Blackberry Drive (Franks) – Front door color change; deferred until decision on siding & trim.

12014 Citrus Gr Rd (Carswell) – Siding, Dutch-Lap, same color. Approved.

2 Citrus Grove Ct (Shyu) – Siding, Two Color samples. Approved subject to not same as neighbors.

12009 Pineapple Gr Dr (Rossiter) – Siding and Roof. Approved.

15612 Blackberry Drive (Sohn) – Deck. Approved

12002 Cherry Blossom Pl (Becker) – Fence. Approved.

15622 Blackberry Drive (Schinner) – Siding width reduced. Approved.

President Schinner requested disposition Motions, which were made, seconded and passed on each as noted.

HAILSTORM DAMAGE; Sever hailstorms earlier in May did considerable damage to homes in our community. Siding, roofs, gutters, etc were being replaced on a fast track. Many changes underway required submissions to ARC, however submissions were being overlooked.

May 29, President Schinner released ABS to accomplish a community mailing of "Emergency Notice" providing reminders to submit expected Architectural Change Requests and providing blanket approval to switch from aluminum siding to vinyl (if same color) without a submission. Other related alerts and warnings were included. "Emergency Notice" is now part of these minutes.

June 2, President Schinner called an emergency meeting of ARC and BOD to quickly evaluate "Dutch-Lap" siding for the community. Dutch-Lap siding is a dimensional style change; would not normally be approved for detached homes in Orchard Knolls. However, all non-garaged townhomes use this siding, so it is easily evaluated. Meeting was necessary because post hailstorm repair deliveries of "unapproved" siding on detached homes was already taking place in the community. President solicited blanket approval (or disapproval) of Dutch-Lap siding for detached homes. This constitutes exception to ARC Guidelines because style is changed, and in some cases color. After reviewing samples, visiting a home with Dutch-Lap installed, a joint ARC/BOD decision was made to accept Dutch Lap siding into detached home community contingent on no color change. BOD members Ali and Mohammed, absent at the meeting, affirmed the decision tonight. ARC members Paul Andrew Hughs and Kathy Wyatt, absent at the meeting, offered no objections. Minutes of that meeting dated June 2, 2002 entitled: "Special Meeting: Orchard Knolls Homeowners Association" are now part of these minutes.

June 3, President Schinner emailed a follow-up report entitled "Dutch Lap Siding and Color Changes" to all members of the board and ARC. The report is now part of these minutes.


BOD Complaint filed with CCOC has resulted in Mediation scheduled for this Wednesday June 12 at 9am. Attorney Dave Gardner, Board members Eileen Solomon and Jerry Way will attend.

HOA ANNUAL YARD SALE HELD SATURDAY JUNE 1: Considerable BOD effort went into organization and advertising for the event this year. Mailings went to all 150 homes. Signs were installed at entrance and at Gazebo. Secretary reports that the recent yard sale only had 12 participants – 6 in detached homes and 6 in townhomes. Newsletter item?

FINANCIAL STATEMENT THROUGH APRIL 30, 2002 - Ali distributed the ABS financial statement to all BOD members. BOD needs develop a process to ensure a financial review of this data and address ABS questions on the cover letters.


Next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held Monday July 8 at 7:30 Pm, location yet to be determined. Call any board member for location. All property owners are welcome. Input by letter or email is welcome.

There being no further business, the monthly meeting of BOD of OKHOA was adjourned at 9:30 Pm.