board meeting Minutes

MARCH 11, 2002




PRESIDENT                          Richard Schinner                    301-977-5196              evantage@aol.com

VP DETACHED HOMES       Vacant-Volunteer Sought

VP TOWNHOMES                 Eileen Solomon                       301-330-2876              zeppsol@aol.com

TREASURER                         Ali Rad                                     301-721-9569              arad@radtc.com

SECRETARY                         Ken Frank                               301-990-0050              kfrank@weichertrealtors.net  

AT-LARGE MEMBER           Mohammed Homaitabar         301-318-8446              homaitabar@yahoo.com





Candidates for ARC Committee Members


I.                    CALL TO ORDER

The Monthly Meeting of the Orchard Knolls Homeowners Association (hereinafter OKHA) was called to order at 7:30pm on March 11, 2002 by President Richard Schinner.


II.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES

A motion was made, seconded and passed approving the Minutes of the February 2002 BOD Meeting.


III.                OLD BUSINESS



The maintenance of our common grounds is critical to our community.  The overall appearance and maintenance is a quality-of-life issue as well as having a major impact on value.  A Request for Proposals has been distributed to vendors; responses are due by 3/30.  Owners, residents and their guests are asked to assist in keeping our community pleasant.  Please pick up after pets, do not litter and do not allow your friends, children and guest to so either. 



The saga of OKHA relationship with our neighboring commercial establishment continues.  Although at times PGC can be an good neighbor, the facility has grown substantially over the years and has become a nuisance with regard to staffing, noise, lack of adequate screening, potential environmental impact, and so forth.  Further details are available for OKHA property owners; please make your request via email to President Schinner.  OKHA will retain David Gardner or another attorney to look into taking legal actions against the PGC.



Without notice to neighbors bordering the property, or to the OKHA, the County constructed a large metal storage facility on the Fire Station property that abuts OKHA properties.  Attorney David Gardner will investigate the process and report back to the BOD.  At a minimum, neighbors and OKHA will ask that the County heavily screen the structure and loading dock with fencing and landscaping.



Resigned from the ARC Committee: Jeff Purdy

Ed Abrams


2002 ARC Committee Members:       Paul Hughes               301-990-7261 

Kathy Wyatt                301-519-8621              kathmommma6@aol.com

Milt Martin                    301-208-6733              milt.martin@baesystms.com

Jackie Perlman           301-869-0369              jackipearl@aol.com



The status, purpose and process of our ARC and approval process will now be reviewed.  OKHA Attorney David Gardner providing guidance, the ARC base evaluated previous BOD decisions that were made to facilitate the review process.  Some property owners and or residents are either unaware of the application process, have either inadvertently or willfully circumvented the process, or have followed understood procedures that may or may not comply with OKHA documented procedures.  The BOD is reviewing the entire process, ARC members and will make recommendations at the April BOD meeting.


IV.                ADJOURNMENT


The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 7:30pm at 15630 Blackberry Drive (Secretary Frank’s home).  All property owners and residents are welcome to.  Your input, via letter or email, is always welcome.


There being no further business, the BOD of OKHA was adjourned at 9:20pm.