September 9, 2002


PRESIDENT Richard Schinner 301-977-5196 evantage@aol.com

SECRETARY Jerry Way 301-977-0523 jerswing@aol.com

AT-LARGE Mohammed Homaitabar 301-318-8446 homaitabar@yahoo.com

VP TOWNHOMES Eileen Solomon 301-330-2876 zeppsol@aol.com

President is also Acting VP, Detached Homes



Owners: Bill and Erika Rossiter

  1. CALL TO ORDER Meeting held in Eileen’s home, called to order 7:30 Pm
  2. GUEST PRESENTATIONS: President invited guests to speak first.

Background: Last month, Bill and Erika Rossiter received a letter from the Board relating that their recently installed siding did not meet community standards for dimension. The Rossiter’s informed the board that they told their contractor of required height standards, however the contractor installed unapproved siding anyway. In preparing the letter, the board weighted their obligation to neighbors, vs. the Rossiter’s need to obtain legal action against the contractor. As a result, the letter also informed the Rossiters that Orchard Knolls would not take further action at this time.

Appeal: The Rossiters visited the board tonight identifying their circumstances to appeal for an exception. They want closure to the issue. They explained that the contractor was notified in writing of the failure to meet standards, however refuses to make any change. The board explained that the height dimension standard is required to preclude lesser quality installations from showing up in the community in future years. Additionally, the board explained that an exception would not be equitable to other homeowners complying with standards.

Revise the letter: ARC Chairperson Paul Andrew Hughes, and Board President Rick Schinner will re-write the same letter to include identification of the circumstances.

III. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - Hard copy of minutes was made available to guests. Minutes are posted on web-site at least one week ahead of board meeting. President called for changes or amendments:

Tot-Lots: Jerry Way noted omission of Eileen Solomon’s presentation of a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Leonard (15713 Cherry Blossom Lane) requesting upgrade to tot-lots. In the letter, the Leonard’s cited neighbors at 15712 Cherry Blossom Lane also in favor of upgrading, however they recently moved from the community. (Last month, this issue was deferred to the next annual meeting).

BOD Meeting Locations: Rick noted that minutes incorrectly identified him to "research cost to regularly rent a room at a nearby school"… (for a consistent location for monthly Board meetings). After some discussion, board decided to continue meeting in community homes.

Minutes dated August 12, 2002 are amended as noted above. There were no further changes or amendments. Motion was made to accept. Seconded. Carried.


BLACKBERRY TERRACE STORM DAMAGED REPLACEMENT TREES – Johnson’s Nursery wants our previously purchased trees picked up. At request of President Schinner, Jerry met with our salesman ("Kevin") to request additional storage and care time. Kevin allowed another week. Lee’s Tree Service has been non-responsive. Rick arranged for Meade Tree and Turf Inc., to remove stumps, and maintenance contractor Jim Linn to install the trees. Work should complete this week. Rick will follow up on our storm insurance reimbursement.

BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS; 12011 CHERRY BLOSSOM PLACE – We provided police case numbers to our attorney. He has written a letter dated August 19, to owner Montgomery Housing - citing previous letters from neighbors identifying ongoing improper behavior and criminal complaints. Our attorney asked for documentation of more current incidents. Rita Becker and Paul Andrew Hughes will document recent related events and transmit them to President Schinner for our attorney.

TOT-LOTS – Repairs were made to the swing set in lot nearest Blackberry Drive. Rita Becker expressed concern for additional repairs needed for the wood slide unit, and, that the new Merry-Go-Round may injure children’s feet if placed under the rotating base. The wood slide unit repair and others are on a list for our maintenance contractor to accomplish in the near future. President and Secretary will inspect the lot in the next few days.

Eileen Solomon noted she had received an extensive package of playground/tot-lot upgrade literature from Mr. Leonard, 15713 Cherry Blossom Lane. (See Approval of Minutes above). The literature noted upgrades for our lots costing from $20,000 to $200,000. Since that project was deferred last month to our upcoming annual meeting, Eileen will ask Mr. Leonard to form a committee and prepare a presentation.

DOG WASTE SIGNS – President reported that a sign installed in Pineapple Grove Ct. Cul-de-sac has been stolen by vandals or purposefully taken by a neighbor. Some members of the board felt this might be another message expressing disfavor with the signs. Others felt it might be only one upset owner in a neighborhood that perhaps favored the signs. Board decided to install another sign with vandal-proof bolts. It was noted that owner Conrad Persels did not respond with a poll from his neighborhood regarding the same issue, therefore no action will be taken for that sign. (See last month minutes).

DOG ALLOWED OFF-LEASH - Board received several complaints about owner of a large black poodle allowed off-leash in the neighborhood. This is not the first time complaints have come to the board for this dog/owner. Owner was identified to be at 15744 Cherry Blossom Lane. President Schinner will contact owner.

RT 28 CONSTRUCTION/JUGHANDLE: At request of President Schinner, Jerry met with Mr. Frank Hartman, SHA’s local construction manager in the SHA Quince Orchard field office. The purpose was to express our desires for moving our streetlight to the Center Island and install an empty conduit under the road for our future sprinkler system. Mr. Hartman was not pleased due to their late stage of design, but did not say no. He thought the county would object to moving the streetlight, but indicated he might be able to get the conduit in. He said our neighbors with streetlights in their island were already that way. He said they would not be digging up our intersection for quite a while. Mr. Hartman said he wanted to meet with President Rick Schinner before further commitments.

POTOMAC GARDEN CENTER SCREENING – Norway Spruce Trees are planted. The fence will be done in October. Mohammed Homaitabar provided signed final agreement to president Schinner. President commended Mohammed for his successful, professional effort.

NEWSLETTER – President will build a file for articles to go into newsletter, requested that other members submit them to him this month.

SPEED SIGNS – Rather than wait for the county, HOA paid for signs and labor to install four 25MPH speed limit signs on Blackberry Drive and two Children Playing signs near tot-lots. Additionally, President Schinner prepared an informative flyer on Speeding in Orchard Knolls. ABS mailed it to all 150 owners.

HOA SIDING STANDARDS ERROR – The flyer mailed July 16 was in error for non-garaged townhomes. Matching aluminum siding is available. Non-Garaged townhome owners are not prohibited from upgrading to vinyl, however the vinyl must match color, dimension and style of existing siding. The error has been corrected. A new flyer will be sent to owners of all 19 Non-Garaged townhomes.

NORTH POTOMAC SENIORS HOUSING, LLC (KOCH PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT) – Our attorney completed a letter dated August 19, identifying Orchard Knolls’ position on joint concerns for this matter (See last month minutes). However, the letter did not express our desire to investigate the possibility of connecting Cherry Blossom Court with the new development for vehicle access/egress. This concept may be of joint benefit to both communities enabling a low-key but functional alternate egress when main exits for either community are backed up or temporarily closed. Jerry will contact our attorney to amend the letter to include this concern.

BOARD INTERVENTION; MAINTENANCE - 15715 CHERRY BLOSSOM LANE – The post office informed us that the owner received our certified mail July 10. Our letter allowed until September 10 to complete the specified work. There is no indication of intended compliance. Board voted to obtain a contract to get the work done. Jerry will notify our attorney, ABS, and solicit contractors to do the work.


TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer absent. No report or financial statement was provided

EXECUTED SATELLITE DISH RULE 2001-3 – An existing regulation governing installation of satellite dish(s) in Orchard Knoll’s was updated late 1999 to include multiple dishes under limited circumstances. Due to an oversight, Board of Directors did not execute the new legal ruling. Our attorney again provided the latest FCC changes and updated our rule in the form of a new executable document. The board approved and signed the new rule tonight. Secretary will arrange for ABS to mail the new rule to all owners, and include it in all re-sale packages. Attorney will register and file it in county permanent records with Orchard Knolls’ By-Laws and Declaration of Covenants.

TWO SALTELLITE DISH(S) – Owner at 15710 Cherry Blossom Lane has agreed to contact his supplier to merge the two dishes into one unit. Neighbor who contacted our attorney in late May cited this owner.

TOWNHOME POSTLIGHT STANDARD: Jerry reviewed the standards for townhome postlights as presented to the annual meeting in 1998. They will be included in the upcoming newsletter.

TOT-LOT BRIDGE, CREEK EMBANKMENT EROSION CONTROL – Unity Inc will inspect the site in October to propose embankment erosion control. They have requested that the board consider doing the actual work in late fall – early winter. Board agreed, subject to receipt of an acceptable proposal.

RELOCATE CHERRY BLOSSOM PLACE SIGNS – Miss Utility inspected the site today. Work is expected to complete by end of September.

JAPANESE BEETLES – Both President Schinner and Rita Becker separately received advice not to install Japanese Beetle traps, as they attract beetles to the trap site. In-lieu of traps, Rita identified a soil application pesticide to be applied in the fall. Rick will notify Facilities Services.

NO ARCHITECTRUAL CHANGE REQUEST SUBMITTED – Blue Shutters - 12013 Citrus Grove. Board decided to hold on sending a letter and to defer it to the upcoming walk-through inspection.

UPGRADED TOWNHOME TRIMCOLOR STANDARDS: Jerry researched the multiple townhome buildings to identify what trim color is associated with building units. The table now includes individual townhome address numbers making it easy to make the correct color decision. Rick will revise the web page.

TREE LIMB DOWN: Rita Becker reported a large tree limb is down between 12007 and 12005 Cherry Blossom Place at rear of property. The limb is apparently on common property. Rick Schinner will review.

MOSQUITO CONTROL – Several owners have requested the board look into mosquito control especially around the creek area. Eileen will contact county and state agencies to identify possible treatments.

VI. ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE CHANGE REQUESTS - ARC Processed the following submissions. ARC Chair will notify owners of action taken:

12006 Blackberry Terrace


Rejected, is woodgrain, should be brushed.

8 Citrus Grove Court



12004 Citrus Grove Road


Rejected. Insufficient detail.

15750 Cherry Blossom Lane

Door Color


12011 Blackberry Terrace


Rejected. Insufficient detail. Color Change - Neighbors?

VII. NOT ADDRESSED: (Board considered, but declined to discuss the following issues at this time).

HOA ATTORNEY WORKLOAD – At Board’s request, Jerry met with our attorney at his office in Rockville to discuss the issues identified in last month’s minutes. A separate report of findings was provided to each board member.

HOA WEB PAGE – CONTROLS AND A BACKUP ADMINISTRATOR: Only one member of the board has access to the web page for additions and changes. Jerry identified the need for a backup administrator, and for the board to develop a system of controls or a policy of screening materials to be posted to the web page.

HOA "CODE OF CONDUCT" - Behavior expectations with enforcement and penalties for abuse.




Siding Standards - Recently Mailed To All Owners

Townhome Paint Color Standards – Recently Mailed to All Owners.

Garaged Townhome Deck Rails And Step Rails – Conditional Vertical balusters.

Non-Garage Townhomes Decks and Rails – Same as Garaged except Vertical balusters allowed.

Revised Architectural Change Request Form

1999 MAINTENANCE RULE: Combine with Code of Conduct?

MULTIPLE OWNER ADDRESSES AT ABS – Should ABS accept "alternate" addresses for owners?

BOD LIABILITY BOND - Is coverage current?

UNPAID DEBT - 15726 Cherry Blossom Lane has still not paid HOA for replacement tree.


COLONIAL LAMPS FOR TOWNHOME ENTRANCE -Lamps to match front entrance. Project quoted in 2001.

PERMANENT ENTRANCE FLAGPOLES - Project quoted in 2001.


Rick asked secretary to schedule the annual meeting with the school, most likely to be held in January.

Open Position – 2-Positions for Board of Directors (Resignation of Ken Frank and Ali Rad)

Tot-Lot Equipment – Replace all Tot-Lot equipment?

Security lighting project along creek path

Trash: Should trash be allowed at curb in plastic bags?


Due to the late meeting last month, board wished to adjourn at 9pm tonight. Several issues were not addressed (See above).

Next meeting of the Board of Directors will be Monday, October 14, 7:30 Pm, location to be determined. Call any board member for location. All property owners welcome. Input by letter or email welcome. The monthly meeting of BOD of OKHOA was adjourned at 9Pm.