January 14, 2003


PRESIDENT Richard Schinner 301-977-5196 evantage@aol.com
SECRETARY Jerry Way 301-977-0523  jerway@comcast.net
TREASURER Mohammed Homaitabar 301-318-8446 homaitabar@yahoo.com
VP TOWNHOMES Eileen Solomon 301-330-2876 zeppsol@aol.com


    MEMBER Kathy Wyatt

GUESTS: Harris Leonard (HOA Townhome Owner)

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting at Eileen’s home again (Thank You Eileen), called to order 7:35 Pm.

  1. GUEST PRESENTATION: Playgrounds (Tot-Lots) Upgrade Project:

To-Date: Harris is Chairperson of Playgrounds (Tot-Lots) Upgrade Committee. Harris noted that he is thankful for excellent cooperation and volunteer help with 4 neighbors on the committee. The committee has been meeting with five contractors and equipment suppliers. Contractors are screened and must be licensed by Montgomery County to respond. The contractors have inspected our sites and provided recommendations and equipment cut-sheets and catalogs. Due to strict Montgomery County guidelines, the equipment is similar for all. Installation is more expensive than equipment. There are many equipment options and several landscape decisions such as whether to replace exterior beams and interior wood chips, or install a safer playground composite. There are questions regarding the location and safety of the current marble benches. Questions regarding a total or phased approach were discussed. For clarification, the 3 Tot-Lots will be referred to as "Tot-Lot North" (Nearest Rt. 28), "Tot-Lot East" (Nearest Non-Garaged Townhomes), and "Tot-Lot West" (Nearest Blackberry Drive). Committee is developing a Request-For-Quote at this time to bring estimated costs into focus. Goal for the committee is to have a presentation ready for upcoming Annual Membership Meeting January 27.

Presentation: Harris prepared a Power-Point presentation with overall cost estimates, salient points, and an outline of findings to-date. There is a section for each of the three Tot-Lots. Each section identifies specific equipment, recommended equipment locations, and estimated costs. The work could be accomplished all at one time or in separate phases. Harris pointed out cost savings potential across several configurations and with several phased alternatives. Current projections indicate a $45,000-50,000 project. Precise contractor quotes will not be available in time for the annual meeting because committee and board decisions must be made regarding scope of work for each lot. Harris requested an overhead projector and screen, and will give the presentation himself at the annual meeting. A very professional presentation. Thank You Harris and committee!

Board Recommendations:

  1. Board will address issue of the marble benches as a separate project. They will be removed from inside the play areas.
  2. There is no pressure to execute contracts by a certain date. Since this is a maintenance upgrade of existing assets, no membership vote is required.
  3. There are limited funds. Funding options should not raise assessments and should be part of committee recommendations.
  4. Annual meeting presentation should be limited to 30-45 minutes and on the agenda early.
  5. RFQ activity should continue, but annual meeting cost discussions should be limited to budgetary estimates.
  6. Because Harris is an owner (not a contractor), he should feel free to conduct membership straw votes.


Minutes are posted on web at least one week before meeting. Hard copy of last month minutes was made available to all. President called for changes or amendments. No further changes or amendments. Motion made to accept. Seconded. Carried.


ARC Chairperson Change - Update: - Jerry noted that he had an unplanned discussion with Chair Paul Andrew Hughes at the mailboxes this month. Jerry mentioned that the Board of Directors had appointed Kathy Wyatt Acting ARC Chairperson, but that Paul remains a member of the ARC.

Letters Mailed for Missing Architectural Change Request Disposition. Eileen completed review of all known missing communications to owners resulting from ARC’s disposition of Architectural Change Request submissions. She developed and mailed approximately 40 letters to owners. Project is complete. Thank You Eileen.

ARC Change Requests Processed: No requests were submitted

Letters to be Mailed: Fall Walk-Through (Single-Family Community) Inspection: Letters did not get mailed due to a misplaced data-base-review summary sheet. Rick asked Jerry to review HOA files for missing summary sheet. Eileen will then prepare letters to owners that still have items of concern.


Tenant Behavior Problems, 12011 Cherry Blossom Place - Owner is Maryland Housing Commission. According to our attorney, an eviction order was issued in December. It appears tenant may now be gone.

Tenant Motorcycle on lawn, Locked to Tree, 12011 Cherry Blossom Place – Motorcycle is gone.

Agreement, Potomac Garden Center – It appears PGC has met terms of the agreement.

West Tot-Lot SeeSaw - Unit has been primed. Contractor will paint SeeSaw final coat when weather permits.

Playground (Tot-Lots) Upgrade Project - See tonight’s guest presentation (above).

SHA Rt. 28 Widening, Jughandle, Blackberry Drive & Entrance Center Island, Berm Tree Preservation. Rick asked Jerry to join him in a meeting with SHA officials in next few days.

HOA 25-MPH Speed Signs – Deferred another month

Newsletter – Mailed to all owners this month

Split Rail Fencing Project on Hold – Miss Utility was called for the second time, to re-mark all areas for an early January installation. The areas were remarked January 7, immediately followed by six-inches of snow. Rick reported that HOA has the job on hold to prevent damage to turf along fencing routes. Adjacent areas muddy in November and early December, are now frozen and difficult to drill. Contractor will coordinate with Rick regarding conditions suitable to install.

Annual Meeting - January 27, 7:30 Pm, Quince Orchard High School. There are 3 open positions on the board… (Replace Ali Rad and Ken Frank’s resignations and term expiration for Rick Schinner. Rick may run again to fill his position. Jerry may run to fill Ken Frank’s position). Jerry will make arrangements for an overhead projector and screen. Jerry will obtain owner and delinquent assessment records from ABS to determine valid voters, and makeup the ballots. Rick will transmit copies of Budget (once updated by Mohammed) to Jerry for reproduction as handouts. Eileen will make up signs to route attendees to new meeting rooms. Jerry will install the HOA Annual Meeting Announcement sign on Wednesday before the meeting. Rick will develop agenda from items noted in section IX of these minutes and conduct the meeting.

Orchard Knolls Web Site: Rick said he would wait until final billing before relocating and upgrading our web site.


Rule 2002-4, A Rule Pertaining to Usage of the Common Areas – Attorney prepared draft of this rule to the board for review earlier in month. Rick forwarded a copy to each board member. It appears that adjustments may be necessary. Rick asked members to get all mark-ups and questions to him before next board meeting. More overview review will be accomplished at that time.

Relocate Marble Benches to outside Tot-Lots: (See Playground Upgrade Project) – Due to controversy regarding potential hazards of the marble benches within our play areas, and under trees, Board decided to relocate the benches out of all Tot-Lot areas as a separate project. Jerry will identify the original installation contractor to request estimated cost to relocate. Playground Upgrade Committee will recommend new locations outside the lots.

2003 Landscape RFP – Facilities Services submitted their new contract for 2003 season with a $1000 price increase, after a season of disappointing performance. Mohammad and Jerry will meet this month to finalize RFP and release to potential contractors. Last year only 1 of 6 bidders responded.

Identification of all Known Owners of Rental Properties in Orchard Knolls – Department of Housing and Community Affairs is demanding knowledge of all rental units in Orchard Knolls based on new Montgomery County Code Section 29-51h. Notice was received late December. Board does not keep record of rented property. However ABS has record of all remote owners. President is required to sign the notice and return the information by January 16. President signed - Jerry will forward to ABS for their input.

Declaration of Covenants to be linked to Web Page: Jerry agreed to research OCR conversion of existing Declaration to a document that can be uploaded or linked to our web page. Declaration of Covenants include current Architectural Guidelines, and Legally Adopted Community Rules, approved by various Boards of Directors for the community.

Cherry Blossom Lane Parking Complaint: A written complaint was received from Townhome owner on Cherry Blossom Lane regarding a van that consistently parks in the fire lane overnight. The complaint letter specifically asked the board to tow the offending vehicle per parking rules. Board reviewed the complaint and considered several options. In conclusion, it was decided the board would serially implement several alternatives until the problem is resolved: 1) Post notice on the vehicle of Firelane Violation and notice of potential towing of the vehicle. 2) There is a gap big enough for one vehicle at that location between end of Firelane and permitted parking. Therefore the permitted parking sign can be relocated allowing space for another vehicle. 3) Any owner can call Montgomery County Police and demand that a vehicle in a Firelane be ticketed ($250 fine). 4) Board is within the law to tow the vehicle.

Change Parking Covenant? – Remove requirement for Townhome owners to park in garage/driveway. Board decided not to pursue this at this time.

Change Trash Covenant? - Remove requirement to have all trash in solid, capped containers. Board decided not to pursue this at this time.

Dead Trees on Berm – Some of the trees installed and warranted by PGC in 2001 are dead. Mohammad will notify PGC to replace them in spring.

Kinko Copy Center Account: Kinko’s has been asked to re-instate our previous account and send 2 copy machine cards for the board. The account is approved only for use in the Gaithersburg Square store.

No Funding for New Capital Asset Projects: Upgrade projects are typically funded by current year ex-budget money. Jerry advised that the budget does not account for any proposed new capital asset project such as a new entrance marquee on the East Side after Rt. 28 is complete, and other similar projects. Jerry suggested that the board authorize ABS to initiate budget line items for identification and funding these projects. However, new capital projects must be approved by the general membership.


BOD Liability Bond Re-instated – Need Terms and Conditions Document - Mohammad advised the board that all members are now covered by our Homeowners package. Jerry requested that State Farm provide evidence of coverage and terms and conditions. Mohammad agreed to obtain this document.

  1. NOT ADDRESSED: (Board declined to discuss following issues at this time):

2001-2002 Storm Damage Insurance Reimbursement

Vandalism Damage Repairs - Painted Profanity on streets, sidewalks and signs.

Attorney Workload Meeting – Conducted in October, Board has not reviewed results.

Poison Ivy & Trash between Non-Garaged Townhomes and Senior Living Center

Arc Guidelines Need Addition of Latest Current Standards:

Multiple Owner Addresses at ABS – Should ABS mail to "alternate" addresses for owners?

Poor quality community-owned lawn areas at end-unit Townhomes

Rt. 28 Berm Noise Attenuation / Hide Traffic, Fencing Project


Townhome Curb Parking Space Efficiency - "T" Boundary Painting – Board Approved 12-9-2002

Upgrade Townhome Underground Circuit for Streetlighting - Power cable operating at capacity.

Restore East Entrance Zone 1 Sprinkler System after Rt. 28 Construction - SHA will pay.

Consolidate East and West Sprinkler Systems - Spring of 2003.

Install 2 Streetlights in Entrance Center Island - Spring 2003.

Install Colonial Lamps at Townhome Entrance - Lamps to match front entrance. Quoted in 2001.

Permanent Entrance Flagpoles Like Kentlands - Project quoted in 2001.

Duplicate East Side Entrance Marquee - After Rt. 28/Jughandle construction – Needs Quote

Increase East Berm Height at Senior Housing Boundary – SHA and Owner may provide.

Install Security Lighting along Creek and Bike Path – $11K Quote in August - Review at Annual Meeting

Pressure Wash and Seal Rotting and Unsightly Community Retaining WallsQuoted in 2001.

Install Erosion Control at Pedestrian Bridge – Summer 2003


Open Board Positions – 3-Positions for Board of Directors

Tot-Lot Equipment – Replace all Tot-Lot equipment?

Security Lighting - Along creek bike path?

Rt. 28 Berm Noise Attenuation / Hide Traffic – Fence or Trees? 2003 or 2004 Project?

Townhome Visitors Parking – Should they be marked? Pros/Cons

Integrate East/West Entrance Sprinkler Systems – 2002 Project?

Two streetlights for Center Island? 2002 Project?


Senior Housing Center Property Boundary Matters

12012 Cherry Blossom Place – Unacceptable Tenant Behavior

Potomac Garden Center Maintenance Agreement

Townhomes – HOA Vs Personal Property Trees; 15726 Cherry Blossom Lane – Delinquent Tree Cost

1999 Maintenance Rule

Delinquent Collections - 1 Cherry Blossom Court 3 Qtrs. Assessment; Suit Filed.

ADJOURNMENT The monthly meeting of BOD of OK HOA was adjourned at 9:00Pm. Next meeting of the Board of Directors will be Monday, March 10, 7:30 Pm, location to be determined. (Annual Meeting will be conducted in lieu of February Board of directors meeting). Call any board member for location. All property owners welcome. Input by letter or email welcome.