A Self-Managed, All Volunteer Community




Minutes – Monthly Board Meeting


APRIL 21, 2004


BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BOD):                                                                                                    Expires


Richard Schinner



Nov 2005

VP Detached Homes

Lisa Goodman


Nov 2005

VP Town Homes

Eileen Solomon



Nov 2007


Mohammad Homaitabar



Nov 2004


Jerry Way



Nov 2005




Kathy Wyatt


Rita Becker


Dennis Zepp


1.  ABSENT:                           Rita Becker


2.  GUESTS:                                      Brian Zarchin, Orchard Knolls Owner

                                                Bill and Erika Rossiter, Orchard Knolls Owner


3.  CALL TO ORDER:           7:00 p.m.  Eileen’s Home. (Thank You Eileen!)


4.  MINUTES:                         March 11, 2004:

Item 8, Typo Correction:  Cash Flow , $1,200 to $1,249.

Item 8, Typo Correction:  Other, “Bad Dept” to  “Bad Debt”.


February 9, 2004:

Item 6 , Paragraph “e”:  Insert new first sentence:  “Due to legal requirements identified in Orchard Knoll’s Articles of Incorporation, Orchard Knoll’s HOA is organized Not-for-Profit” (Clarification from auditor)


No further changes.  Motion made to accept.  2nd. Passed


5.  HEARINGS:                       None


6.  GUEST BUSINESS:        


a) Brian Zarchin - See “Newsletter” below.


b) Rossiters - Bill and Erika Rossiter are planning improvements in their rear yard to stop erosion, improve drainage, and reclaim a small amount of area wasted due to runoff.  They now plan to simply add fill dirt to the eroded areas and plant Pachysandra ground cover.  However, they wish to also improve abutting creek bank areas to create a more useable yard area.  They submitted two earlier letters focused on extensive construction which, at their request, were withdrawn tonight.  The focus of their discussion with BOD tonight was to obtain permission to encroach upon the small portion of creek bank.  This is common area which abuts their rear yard.  Their intended use appears to have no impact on neighbors.  Two members of BOD visited the site earlier.  Those two members saw no negative impact to the Homeowner Association or neighbors and recommended approval to other members tonight.  Approval from BOD tonight will allow Rossiters to implement a more simplified solution to the erosion and runoff problem.


After much discussion, BOD tentatively approved the rear yard upgrade plan -  contingent upon receiving a disclaimer letter from Rossiters holding Orchard Knolls Homeowner Association harmless from liability or future maintenance of, on, or from, the small encroached common area. 




Architectural Change Requests (ACR) - None submitted this month.


House Numbers -  Additional Architectural Guideline Approved  - Due to concerns by County Fire, Rescue, and Police, as well as guests, it became apparent we needed a 2nd location for house numbers on garaged townhomes.  BOD and ARC jointly tested locations, styles etc.  During the month, ARC reviewed and voted on final language for an added Architectural Guideline section on house numbers.  To clarify related issues, ARC added definition for other home types.  Without BOD objection, ARC approved the following text to be added to master Architectural Guidelines - effective immediately:


General:  Quick response to an emergency is desired by all.  Fire, Rescue and Police advise that they follow house numbers in their search for location of an emergency.  Although some owners may wish to not display house number, Board of Directors concluded that it is the greater benefit of all that every home in Orchard Knolls display a number.


Garaged Townhomes:  An optional, additional set, of brass house numbers, in a more visible location at bottom of stairs facing the street, is recommended. Original builder’s brass, six-inch, script-style numbers, in original location, must be retained.  For consistency in the townhome community, only one second location is allowed. The second location must be  brass numbers, no smaller than four-inch height.  Script style is required.  Optional second set of house numbers should be placed vertically centered top-to-bottom on bottom right post facing townhome from the street. One-half-inch spacing between numbers is most effective.  Post and stair rails color must match original builders trim color of home.  Curbside painted house numbers are not allowed in the townhome community.


Non Garaged Townhomes:  House numbers must remain original builder's location, style, color, mounting type, and dimension.  A second location will be not approved


Detached Homes:  Original builder’s dimension, style and location should be retained.  Any change requires prior submission and approval of an Architectural Change Request.  Optional curb-painted house numbers do not require ARC approval, but must be black letters on white background. Curb-painted numbers are restricted to curb locations directly adjacent to either or both sides of the driveway entrance.


8.  TREASURER’S REPORT           :


ABS’ Orchard Knolls Financial Statement, March 1 thru 31, 2004 - One copy to each member.  Jerry requested that Treasurer report consistent key measurements to provide a similar benchmark each month.  ABS’ amounts are effective last day of the month.  Lack of sufficient funds to accomplish critical repairs and upgrades was again uppermost discussion and caused heated debate.

Key Financial Measurements are Negative:


Checkbook                                        $13,613          Balance Sheet


Planned April Expenses:

April Fixed Expenses:                             4,333          ABS, Insurance, Water, Electricity, Trash, Lawn Care, Web           

Sprinkler Startup                                         600          Seasonal Charge

Repair & Paint Gazebo                               650          Quote – Work is complete

Replace Broken Streetlight                      1,300          Estimate

Cul-de-Sac Repairs/Upgrades              12,660          1 - Tree Option

Remove 6-8 Downed Trees                    2,000          Estimate                     

Surplus / (Shortfall)                             ($ 7,930)


Operating Reserve CD                      $  7,588         Balance Sheet  (Zero next month)


Townhome Reserves (55%):

Required (EOY)                                     69,400          Replacement Forecast

Actual                                                     59,680          Income Expense Statement

Expected Income to EOY                        4,173          $843 / Month  x .55% x 9 (Apr-Dec)

Surplus / (Shortfall)                             ($  5,547)        


General Reserves (45%):

Required (EOY)                                    $55,800         Replacement Forecast

Loan – Repair Pedestrian Bridge             4,600         Approved Last Month

Actual                                                      50,958         Income Expense Statement

Expected Income to EOY                         3,414         $843 / Month  x .45% x 9 (Apr-Dec)

Surplus / (Shortfall)                             ($  6,028)


March Cash Flow

Operating Income                                   $5,582         Fixed Annual Income, Less Reserves  / 12 Months

Cash Disbursements                               4,578         ABS Statement

Surplus / (Shortfall)                                  1,004


Assessment Delinquencies:           None Significant


Bad Dept:  NSF Check from previous owner of 15??? CBL will be turned over to our attorney for collection.


May Have to Rent Storage for HOA Records:  ABS wants to discard all HOA records older than 7 years.  If we want/need to save them, we must make arrangements for other storage.  We asked ABS to provide a cost to store those records in a suitable facility.  We have not heard back.  Treasurer will discuss with ABS.




Trees Down Since Fall 2003 – Jerry handed out photos of downed trees in Townhome areas.  They have been down since 2003.  There are more down in west creek area between 12026 and 12022 Blackberry Dr.  Other members identified 3 others “leaning” precariously and will no-doubt go over in next heavy windstorm if not soon cabled and staked.  Jerry’s position is that this is an HOA  “repair” responsibility.  He estimated cost to remove tree, trunk, haul away, and restore area, would be between $300-400 each or discounted to about $2,000 if done all at one time.  Operating funds to solve the problem are in competition with pressure to repair and upgrade the 5 Cul-de-Sac(s).  Rick and Lisa strongly opposed spending on removing the felled trees at this time, instead desire to target spending $12,660 on Option 1 of the Cul-de-Sac Upgrade project. 


Cul-de-Sac Upgrade:   Lisa noted that the Cul-de-Sac project was not actually an upgrade, but a repair project.  Lisa noted that the Cul-de-Sac shrubs and azaleas are mostly dead and the missing trees (downed by storms) have not been replaced. Noting that, Jerry, Mohammad and Eileen agreed to limited funding – proceeding with only repair portions of the Cul-de-Sac project and defer the upgrade portions to after approved increased assessment.  Lisa and Rick were not in agreement with that approach.  The debate degenerated to a Single Family Homes Vs Townhomes fairness-in-spending issue again.   Again, constraint on funds is key.


Limited Approval to Proceed with Cul-de-Sac Upgrade and Removal of Downed Trees: The Operating CD will be cashed, there will be a temporary spike in income over April, May, June, and a minimum 13.2% assessment increase will take place. With that financial security - a  motion was made, seconded and passed to authorize Rick to award Landscape Innovations Inc. a contract to Repair/Upgrade Cul-de-Sac Project at Not-to-Exceed $14,000, - Contingent upon also removing the 8 downed trees, and also contingent upon deferred billing to a minimum of 30-60-90 day payments after completion of project, or even better repayment terms.  Rick will contact Landscape Innovations for negotiations.


Forecast of Negative Cash Flow Delays Repairs and Most Upgrades:  Treasurer noted that April income is not shown on this statement. Rick noted that April is quarterly income month so there should be more funds available for April, May, June.  Jerry cautioned that every month’s income is 80% committed by contracted expenses before it arrives.  Rick countered that we can spend the operating reserves CD.  Jerry again cautioned that BOD already approved several other expenses to be billed this month  - payments dependent on the CD.  Jerry called for spending by priorities - repairs before upgrades.  All agreed with the principal but there was immediate redefinition of “repair” vs “upgrade”.  Jerry noted that spending the reserve operating CD was risky but provided temporary relief.  Spending it could be rationalized by noting that a minimum 13.2% assessment increase will take place in next few months - perhaps more.  Due to forecast of negative cash flow over next few months BOD postponed following spending activities:


Replacement of broken light pole

Staking of leaning trees,

Removal of dead trees and shrubs

Community stump removal

Upgrade lettering on entrance marque

Addition of 2 streetlights on center island

Upgrade marque lighting.

Landscape Upgrade in Cherry Blossom Place

New Community Flowers Proposal (Landscape Innovations Inc.)


Recovery of Value for Damaged Rt. 28 Sprinkler System – Responding to our Attorney, SHA met with Jerry on site this month to evaluate damage.  SHA will contact Unity, our sprinkler contractor, to obtain a price to repair system.  We do not want system repaired because area to be sprinkled has been eliminated by SHA.   SHA stated they will not give us a check – they will only repair the system and may do it themselves.  Jerry contacted Unity to explain the dilemma.  Unity will be on site early May and will propose an alternate sprinkler routing plan.  We are waiting on a counter proposal from SHA.


Newsletter (Includes Common Area Behavior Rule) to be Published First Week in May  - Brian Zarchin provided a 4 page draft of proposed newsletter – including all articles received to date.  Some articles were earlier editions and need update.  Jerry noted that publication has been delayed. Jerry also reminded that we have to attach new final Common Area Behavior Rule for legal distribution to every owner.  Brian will provide final draft to Rick by Monday May 3.  Rick will provide master copy to Jerry May 4.  Jerry will make 160 copies, black and white, back to back, (Newsletter and Behavior Rule), at Kinkos and deliver to ABS on May 5.  ABS needs May 5 -7 to prepare and mail the package.  We must have the package in the mail by May 10 in time to provide additional information on upcoming May 17 Special Meeting for Assessment Increase.

Delayed Repair of Pedestrian Bridge -  This proposal raises the bridge higher above the water, relocates  the supports a few feet into more solid soil, and adds steps and handrails on each end.  HOA has not signed the January 12, 2004 contract. The proposal rate was for winter work valid for 10 days.  At February board meeting, BOD tabled the matter and president returned the contract to file. At late March board meeting, BOD approved asking TML to proceed with the January proposal at same terms.  TML responded that they would honor original winter price, but due to BOD’s 2-month delay, they could not do the work until late May or early June.  Jerry brought the January 12th contract tonight for signature.  However Rick wants TML to update it by adding a drawing or sketch. TML has to revisit the site to do a drawing or sketch.  HOA has still not signed the contract.  This will again delay the work and may increase the cost.


Day Care – Attorney Confirms Requirements:    Attorney confirmed that all Day Care Operations in Orchard Knolls are required to have a Maryland License, $300K Liability Insurance, and to annually be registered with our HOA.  No more than 11 are allowed. However, attorney advised that in 1995, HOA rejected the option to charge an annual fee, so charging a fee was not included in our Day Care Rule 1995-1.


Jerry noted that our records indicate that there are no registered Day Care Operations in Orchard Knolls at this time.  However owner observations indicate otherwise.  BOD decided to table the matter until a less busy time.


Spring Inspection 3 Pm  - May 9th:  Semi-annual HOA inspection of our Townhome Community is scheduled for Sunday May 9 at 3 Pm.  All members of ARC and BOD are requested to participate.  BOD considered moving the inspection again due to Mother’s Day.  It was decided to remain on schedule.


Replacement of Damaged Streetlight Post Delayed :  Cherry Blossom Court Streetlight post is broken off at the bottom near the ground. Jerry brought a photo showing it is leaning over supported by the trees and a danger to pedestrians.  Earlier this month, Rick approved replacement of the light.  However, due to lack of funds at this time, replacement has again been delayed.




Entrance Flags, Mounts broken, Flags Worn.  Upgrades Underway -  We have had to replace the Nylon mounts three times this spring due to failure under high winds.  The flags are worn, torn and faded.  Typically we replace the flags twice a year. In the spirit of higher quality – we will begin to purchase higher quality flags and mounts, but at a higher cost.   Brian Zarchin provided a source where our community may procure commercial mounts and longer lasting flags.  Thank you Brian.


Owner/Member Memorial or Honorarium  - Donation or Gifting to Orchard Knolls – On several occasions over last few years, members have raised the question or possibility that an owner might be interested in gifting or donating funds for new playground as a memorial, or donating funds for a new east entrance marque in honor of a family member, loved one, or honorarium to an event.  The resulting asset could be respectfully marked as a memorial or honorarium with a bronze plaque or equivalent, honoring the loved one or identifying the donor.


Jerry contacted our auditor this month to determine if member donations and gifts to our Homeowner Association are allowed, or, would such an event jeopardize our tax status, and are they tax deductible?  Our auditor advised that they would not be tax deductible because Orchard Knolls is not a charitable organization.  However in addition to being well received, Orchard Knolls would not be taxed on the asset or it’s installation.  This information will be inserted in our upcoming newsletter.


2004 Sprinkler System Startup Scheduled:  BOD received word from Unity, our Sprinkler System contractor that they plan to startup our system first week in May.  Contractor was asked to repair turf damage to center island caused by underground work last fall.


Center Island Uplighting to be Adjusted:  Unity Landscape will be on site first week in May to raise bulbs in each underground lighting unit (broader spread of light) and realign northernmost unit on Blackberry Drive.


Huge State Highway Sign in our Entrance Averted by BOD  - State Highway Administration attempted to erect an enormous sign in our entrance at the tip of the Rt 28 west median this month. Without warning or discussion, SHA began erecting a 12-foot wide, 9-foot, steel highway sign, 16-feet high, directly in our entrance. Our initial complaints to local SHA contacts were unresponsive.  We cited general aesthetic concerns for our entrance, and very specific safety concerns.  Still, SHA responded they were continuing to install the huge sign.  BOD was forced to quickly escalate the matter to higher authority.  A rush of emergency telephone calls, emails, and our threats of media invitations resulted in getting SHA’s attention.  We expressed that this was either a very big mistake or an unwise decision.  We advised that it would get a lot of publicity very soon.  Soon effective communications involving members of our board, our attorney, and State Senator Pat Hogan’s office began to yield results.  SHA agreed to reduce sign size, split it into two, and move the one planned for our entrance to a point further west.  We appreciate help from Senator Pat Hogan’s office.


May 17 - Special Membership Meeting for Assessment Increase – Requires 75 Owners - Quince Orchard High School has been scheduled and fees paid – for two meetings.  First meeting will be Monday May 17, 7:30 Pm, Room 221-224. That meeting requires 75 owners or proxys. Passage will require 38 positive votes.  The legally required notice 30 days before the meeting was prepared and mailed to all owners including an explanation of why the meeting is necessary and the expected process.  It arrived in our mail April 14.  A proxy was mailed with the notice.  A meeting notice sign was made up and installed below the exit stop sign on Blackberry drive.  Another sign was made up for the top of our steel meeting notice sign – to be installed in our entrance last week before the meeting.  Jerry, Eileen and Kathy will handout flyers at our entrance last weekend before meeting.  Rick asked that we defer meeting preparation from tonight to next board meeting May 12.


If a second meeting is necessary, it will be Monday, June 21, same time and place.  That meeting will require only 38 owners or proxys.  Passage will only require 20 positive votes.


If neither meeting provides passage of an amount larger that 13.2% assessment increase, BOD expects to use it’s Article V power to unilaterally execute an immediate 13.2% increase in June, followed most likely by another significant increase in the November annual meeting.


Key EOY 2003 CPI Factor for Assessment Increase Established:  Jerry noted that research on government web sites indicate that December 31, 2003 CPI for our area was 3.2%.  This means BOD can unilaterally impose an immediate 13.2% assessment increase if higher percentages are not approved by membership.


2004 and Future Year Reserve Requirements will Increase - Jerry will update our Asset Replacement Reserves Forecast to account for the 3.2% CPI data.  Since the current forecast was only using 1.5% factor, the adjustment will result in increased Reserve Fund needs for EOY 2004 and future years.


Gazebo Mailbox Repairs and Painting Done:

Paint and Repair contractors were on-site painting same color trim for several residences this month.  To cut our costs, they agreed to repair the damaged trim and paint the gazebo while they were on site.  Unfortunately, no construction was approved for defense against children climbing to top.


Draft Audit Complete – The preliminary audit was received and reviewed by our Treasurer.  President signed agreement to proceed with final.


Tax Forms Received:  President signed Federal and State tax forms tonight.


Common Area Lawn Care Complaints, Delayed Spring Entrance Flowers – Many owners are asking why we do not have spring flowers.  In early April, several neighbors complained of unsightly tall weeds and grass in entrance center island and other common areas.  Our new landscape contractor was called and quickly responded to cut high areas. He explained that the 2 contracted cuttings in March were not necessary. He explained that he delayed the flowers until Mothers Day to avoid late freeze damage.  The center island grass is high and full of weeds again as of tonight.  Beth Frank contacted BOD to advise that the entire west side entrance berm has not been cut, fertilized or treated this year.  It appears contractor is not aware of this common area.   Rick will contact lawn care contractor again.  Jerry will advise Unity (sprinkler contractor) to sod all center island areas damaged by last fall’s sprinkler system installation.


BOD Notice of Satellite Dish Installation – BOD received notice of planned installation at 15718 Cherry Blossom Lane.  Advised owner to review and comply with current Satellite Rule, and obtain prior agreement from neighbors.


BOD Notice of New Windows and Sliding Door – BOD received notice of planned replacement of rear windows and sliding door at 15715 Cherry Blossom Lane.  Advised owner to comply with Architectural Guidelines.  Owner agreed they will replace with like kind, style and appearance.  No Architectural Change Request required.




Supplemental Community Flowers Project - New colorful and creative flower bed upgrade designs for our east and west marque and center island  - submitted by our new lawn care contractor (Landscape Innovations, Inc). Total cost is  $12,643 in addition to our new contract which already includes three times more flowers than were installed last year.  Rick reminded contractor that the flowers were already included.  Contractor agreed to make an adjustment.  Jerry reminded BOD that at annual meeting, we advised membership that we did not have any funds for non-budgeted projects.  Project was deferred to next meeting.


Outdoor Enclosure Replacement Identified – Company asked to Donate -   “CedarShed Industries” red cedar model with shake roof to match our homes. The 6 x 9-foot model would replace the existing ant-infested and leaking “Rubbermaid” unit which is causing deterioration in our electronic clock and digital controls for the sprinkler and lighting systems. We have already replaced two sets of controls due to ant infestation ($500 each).  The new unit would also provide storage for HOA owned equipment currently rusting in the plastic Rubbermaid enclosure or stored in members garages.  Location is not negotiable because it must house a myriad of underground water valves and electrical connections currently all emanating in one location at west end of east side berm.  Height is six feet.  Rubbermaid unit is screened with shrubs.  Jerry has sent a letter requesting consideration for donating the unit to our association


BOD Meeting Date Needs to be Adjusted:  Current financial statements are not getting to us in time for second Monday of the month.  Mohammad advised that when BOD meets early in the month - there is not enough time between closing bank books and ABS updating our monthly financial statement.  BOD should consider changing policy to have future meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month


Snow Removal Contractor No Longer Available:   BOD must solicit bids for a new snow removal contractor.


New East Stone Marque – Research Progress:  Now that Rt 28 widening is complete, this capitalized investment would dramatically improve our image and community value.  Jerry met with “Maryland Cast Stone” on Southlawn Drive, original builder of our west side stone marque.  Artwork and mold are gone – however they do same work.  “Orchard Knolls” tablet would cost $1,600 today and can be done in 2 months.  Cost for blue stone for the marque is unknown but we know it was acquired from “Stoneyhurst” quarry.  Stone mason is “Stoneworks” in Gaithersburg.  Labor cost is unknown.  Black colonial lanterns are $600 without labor.  Total is estimated between $8 – 10K.  Our auditor advised (see previous minutes) that we could add a line item to the budget to allocate funds annually to save for this project


Unsightly Townhome Community Retaining Walls – Need Pressure Wash and Stain. Townhome PT retaining walls require periodic maintenance.  They have not been serviced in 13 years.


Unsightly & Rotting Expensive Wood Benches – Need Pressure Wash and Stain. These PT benches require periodic maintenance.  They have never been serviced in 13 years.


Directory Update - Rick has begun steps to produce a new directory.  He will contact Lisa Goodman and Rita Becker to arrange and schedule remaining logistics, reproduction and distribution work.


East Entrance Flower Bed Below Grade - Due to increased elevation of Blackberry Dr/Rt 28 East – flower bed is below grade of new sidewalk.


Delayed:  Two New Streetlights for Blackberry Drive Island - Quote received for $2,750 to accomplish this project by bringing power through our conduit under Blackberry Drive from West side marque power source.  BOD decided to delay and review the need after uplighting project is complete.


Delayed Upgrade – Underground Townhome Streetlight Circuit Fully Loaded - Capacity on this main streetlight circuit is needed for 3 future projects:  1) Additional uplights for center island, 2) Center island streetlights, 3) New colonial lamps at Townhome entrance. Circuit begins behind Cherry Blossom Ct, then North, West, and South along Cherry Blossom Lane.  Contractor load tests concluded that further addition was not possible.  A new parallel circuit will be required.


Blackberry Drive Crosswalk at Playground  - Lisa is working with Montgomery County in an effort to have this accomplished.


Blackberry Drive & Terrace Stop Sign to Replace Yield  - Lisa is working with Montgomery County in an effort to have this accomplished


HOA Neglect of Common Areas Adjacent to Townhome End-Units - End unit townhomes appear to own the corner lot, however, they own only 4-feet from the side of the brickwork.  Remaining side area to the street is community responsibility.  Community lawn care is neglecting weeding, feeding and trimming these areas.  Most have become eyesores.


HOA is taking excellent care of it’s common area abutting 15701 Cherry Blossom Lane parallel-to Blackberry Drive. That townhome’s common area side lot receives HOA sprinkling, trimming, fertilization, weeding, insecticide and lawn cutting.  HOA should treat all their townhome abutting common area properties alike.  The issue is neglect of community trimming, fertilization, weeding, insecticide and lawn cutting for other townhome side lots owned by the community.


Inefficient Curb Parking in Townhome Community - Limited curb parking is permitted and posted by signs on North and West Cherry Blossom Lane.  However, spaces are not marked.  Vehicles park randomly creating very inefficient use of the limited space.  Proposal is to “tic” mark each space.  American Striping quoted $399 to do the job in 2001.


Alleged Unlicensed Business in Cherry Blossom Place  - Owner recently rented a townhome to ARC of Montgomery County:  According to our attorney, this County Service appears to be a family home for mentally challenged adults requiring adult assisted living.  Home is not allowed to exceed three adults.   A License to operate may be required.  HOA application and approval may be required. Rick obtained copy of lease for our files.   Our attorney is investigating.


Dog Waste Sign Intentionally Smashed - Citrus Grove Cul-de-sac - In-ground sign has been intentionally smashed as if by a heavy hammer, beat, split and wrapped around the steel pole.  Some members of the board wanted to remove it.  BOD decided to replace it.


Should HOA Mail (Distributed by ABS) go to Owner’s Alternate Addresses?  - Some owners have “blind” addresses for their actual residence.  Their assessment bill is mailed to and paid by another financially responsible agent.  ABS continues to ask BOD - Should HOA mail, prepared by ABS, be mailed to owner’s “alternate” address? Should it be duplicated for resident’s HOA property?


Annoying Home Alarm - Cherry Blossom Lane owner wants BOD to take action -  Alleges that a loud, continuous, and obnoxious exterior alarm in Cherry Blossom Ct. goes off frequently (at least once a month)... alarm continues all day and does not get shut off until occupant comes home at 5pm.  Says he visited owner who explained that it is an interior alarm therefore no county law applies.  Cherry Blossom Lane owner alleges that alarm device is exterior mounted above rear kitchen door and very loud. 


Neighbor’s Down Spouts Flooding Area - Owner requested help at 2003 Annual Meeting.  Area of concern is between 15728 & 15732.  Down spout runoff from 15732 and 15734 floods common area and this owner’s property with constant water/mud.  In addition shrubs on common area are so overgrown that sunlight is totally blocked exacerbating the water and mud.


Water Pooling at Gazebo; Mosquito Breeding Ground - Owner requested that HOA regrade this area to eliminate water from pooling and risk of mosquitoes breeding.  .


Preserve South West Tot-Lot Equipment - Requesting South West Lot’s baby-swings and see-saw be preserved.


SHA’s New Plum Trees for Center Island Due - SHA agreed to install one or two mature purple plum trees in center island in spring 2004.


SHA’s New Crepe Myrtle Trees for Rt 28 Median Due

SHA agreed to install crepe myrtles every 13 feet in Rt 28 Median - Blackberry Drive to Sr Center spring 2004.




Dead, Leaning and Downed Trees, Limbs, and Shrubs:

Large Tree Down  - Across Fence - North East Tot Lot (2004)

Large Tree Down  - Across Fence – Between 5-7 Cherry Blossom Court (2004)

Two Removed Trees not Replaced - Northwest Corner Cherry Blossom Lane – (2002)

2 Stumps Remain - Northwest Corner Cherry Blossom Lane – (2002)

Large Dead Cherry Tree – Across From 15740 CBL. (2003)

Two Dead Decorative Trees - Front of 12006 Cherry Blossom Place. – (2002)

Several Dead Hedges – Under “Orchard Knolls” - Front Entrance Marque (2002)

Three Cypress Trees Completely Down -  Behind Fence 15722-15726 Blackberry Dr – (2003)

Several Stumps  - Along Creek Bank NW of 15722 Blackberry Drive  (2001)

Two Stumps - Between 15722-15726 Blackberry Dr – (2003)

One Stump – South side of N/W Berm – Beside 15730 Blackberry Drive – (2002)

Removed Tree not Replaced, Stump Remains – Citrus Grove Rd Circle – (2003).

Removed Tree not Replaced.  Stump Remains – Citrus Grove Ct Circle– (2003)

Cypress Down            - Behind 15713 Cherry Blossom Lane (2003)

Cypress Over - On top of other trees - Behind 15715 Cherry Blossom Lane. - (2003)

Two Cypress Over -Behind 15711-15709 Cherry Blossom Lane Near Bike Path (2003)

Leaning Cypress - N/E Berm near Rt 28 & Sr Center. (2002)

Dead Hedge Shrubs in entrance under Orchard Knolls sign.

Two Overgrown Holly Exceeding Wall Height – Blocking Light Fixtures - Entrance

Tree Limbs Engulf Streetlight Fixtures – Cherry Blossom Lane (2003)

Dangerous Limbs Overhanging Striped Parking – South Cherry Blossom Lane (2002)

Long Dead Tree Limb – Between 15707-15709 Cherry Blossom Lane – (2003)

Tree Limbs at Eye Level – Along All Sidewalks  (2003)

Shrubs Protruding through Fences Along All Sidewalks (2003)

Unsightly Decorative Common Area Trees Have Never Been Shaped




Matching Colonial Lamps at Townhome Entrance

Brass “Orchard Knolls Towns” Plaques on Existing Stone Columns

Permanent Flagpoles with Uplighting at Front Entrance

Increase Berm Height at Senior Housing Boundary

Security Lighting along Creek and Bike Path

Add 2 Missing Red Maples at each end of North-East Blackberry Drive

Upgrade North-East Tot-Lot

Upgrade South-West Tot-Lot

Covered Picnic Pavilion over South West Lot

Trim All Common Area Trees.

Add One Streetlight to Cherry Blossom Place Parking

Transformers Screening in Cherry Blossom Place




CB Place – ARC of Montgomery County

Townhome Landscape Issues (Do Covenants Apply?)

Ongoing Delinquent Assessment Collections

PGC Dispute

Common Area Behavior Rule

Blackberry Drive/Rt 28 Intersection Pepco Illumination

Day Care Regulatory Update

Financial Recovery – Rt 28 Sprinkler System Vs SHA

Financial Recovery – Previous Owner 15715 CB Lane – NSF

Huge SHA Sign at our Entrance


15.  ADJOURNMENT AND NEXT MEETING - Monthly meeting adjourned at 9:30  Pm.


Next meeting will be Wednesday May 12, 2004, 7:00 Pm, location to be determined.  Call any board member for location.  Orchard Knolls owners and residents welcome.  Input by US mail, email, or web page is welcome.