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Minutes – Monthly Board Meeting


FEBRUARY 9, 2004




Richard Schinner



Nov 2005

VP Detached Homes

Lisa Goodman



Nov 2005

VP Town Homes

Eileen Solomon



Nov 2007


Mohammad Homaitabar



Nov 2004


Jerry Way



Nov 2005




Kathy Wyatt


Rita Becker


Dennis Zepp



1.  ATTENDANCE:                             (All Present Unless Noted)


2.  GUESTS:                                       David Bremer, CPA  Orchard Knolls’ Auditor for

             Ahlberg & Company (Our Contracted Auditing & Taxes Firm)


3.  CALL TO ORDER:                       Called to order 7:00 p.m.  Eileen’s Home.  (Thank You Eileen!)


4.  MINUTES:  (Posted on web one week before meeting.  Hard copy made available to all).  Monthly Meeting December 15, 2003, and Annual Meeting January 12, 2004.  President called for changes or amendments.  There were none.  Motion made to accept.  Seconded.  Passed unanimously.


5.  SCHEDULED HEARINGS:          None


6.  GUEST PRESENTATION:  Jerry introduced David Bremmer noting following HOA history:  We are self-managed.  We engage contractors for bookkeeping, auditing, taxes and several other services.  Associated Bookkeeping Services (ABS) is our bookkeeper.  Ahlberg and Co. is directly engaged by BOD (not ABS).  ABS has gratuitously handled auditing and tax needs through Ahlberg since 1990.  David Bremer (pronounced “Breemer”) has managed our account since 1992.  ABS and Ahlberg services are a natural relationship, however not efficient for ABS.  ABS desires to isolate the relationship by having auditing solicitations, subsequent awards, direction, questions, mailings etc managed by BOD.  ABS will continue bookkeeping responsibilities.  Financial records and methods will continue to be audited by Ahlberg.


BOD asked Mohammad (Treasurer) to contact David Bremer to attend tonight’s meeting to meet the board, establish a direct relationship, answer questions and propose future direction.  David reviewed our current audit status and made the following points tonight: 


            a)  Ahlberg Engagement:  BOD is engaged to Ahlberg for Auditing and Tax services with a 2-Year contract directly with the Board of Directors - renewable 1 or 2 year options.  2-Year options are less money.  One Account-Representative visit (such as tonight) is allowed at no cost with each engagement renewal. 


            b)   BOD Communication with Ahlberg has been Poor  – David noted that in order for a direct relationship between Ahlberg and BOD to work properly – improvement in mailed communication must be a priority.  David noted that in the past, there have been multiple communication failures due to “problems” with Orchard Knoll’s mail and subsequent late responses to Ahlberg.  David cited examples of missed and lost tax submissions, and lack of response to audit and tax documents requiring signature.  He also noted  that several Ahlberg contract renewals have not been responded to within time frames required.


c)  Annual Audit Process:  David gave a brief summary of the annual process consisting of a Preliminary Audit where our financial books at ABS are examined as well as our BOD practices (Meetings and Minutes).  These are measured by CPA standards, Maryland and Montgomery County requirements, and also against requirements of our own Articles of Incorporation and Covenants.  Summary findings are sent to BOD for review, comment and approval.  After approval, the Final Audit is published and mailed to BOD.  Treasurer has responsibility for the Audit process.  Treasurer (not ABS) keeps binders with all HOA audits.


d)  Annual Tax Process:  Subsequent to the approved audit, the annual Federal, State, County and Personal Property Tax forms are prepared and sent to HOA president for signature. The Corporate tax is due March 15, but because the audit is not complete at that time, we always apply for a 6-month extension.  That way, all taxes are done – after the audit is complete.   The tax process is generally invisible to BOD.  Treasurer has responsibility for the Tax process.  Treasurer (not ABS) keeps binders with all HOA Tax submissions.


e)  We are Organized “Not-for-Profit” (Significant Favorable Tax Status) – Most HOA’s are organized as a “Title 528” where income is segregated into Membership and Non-Membership sources. 528 organization’s taxes are high - paid at a flat 30%.    However, Orchard Knolls is organized as a “Title 277” Organization” similar to Country Clubs. Taxes for a Title 277 are limited to corporation rates at about 15%.   That decision was made in the early 1990’s to keep our taxes at a bare minimum.  Because of this favorable tax status, we only pay taxes on interest made from our investments.   Our income must from members only.


f)  We Are Not Allowed (“Bake Sales” or “Paid Advertisements”) to Make Profit -  We are not allowed to make profits on fund raisers or other seemingly innocent practices.  We cannot accept monies from advertising in our Newsletter (except ads by existing members).  We cannot accept monies from fund raisers.


g)  Our Reserves “Reverse Depreciation” Tracking and Forecasting is Appropriate:  David validated our reserves tracking method of “Reverse Depreciation” and Annual Reserves Funding Requirements Chart as acceptable and suitable.  He noted that we retain our first-cost values, add inflation and correctly use “Reverse Depreciation” method to allocate values to future years. David noted that we are already properly annually tracking and forecasting reserve needs against existing capital assets.  Jerry noted that the audits refer to this process (last page) but do not refer to the document.  David asked to have the document sent to him mid-March (along with all of 2003 Minutes) and he would see that the audit reflects the document.  Jerry agreed to send the data to David electronically in mid March.


 h)  Reserves Tracking & Forecasting Healthy - No Reserves Study Necessary:  David noted that our reserves are audited and approved by formulas that look at ratios between membership income and reserves, membership income and operating funds, and reserves vs. operating income.  We have always been, and are now, fiscally healthy in those measurements.  In response to questions regarding our need for a “Reserves Study”, David responded that Reserve Studies become necessary for two reasons:  1) Many communities do not track their reserves against replacement needs.  We do.  2) Many communities do not record and track “first-cost” for capitalized community assets, nor do they know how to predict it’s future value.  Therefore, they engage a 3rd party to periodically accomplish that process. That process is called a “Reserves Study”.   However, for us, it is not necessary.  He also noted that a reserves study in most jurisdictions is usually only required every 5-7 years and that Montgomery County does not require a “Reserves Study” at all. 


i)  Usage of Reserves is Restricted to Replacement of “Existing” Capital Assets -  David stressed that every item in the reserves must already exist.  Because of tax status resulting from the way are organized, we are not allowed to use Reserves for anything other than replacement of existing assets.  If we do, we will be taxed, and, we may jeopardize our favorable tax status with State of Maryland.

j)  Can we “Save” for a Future Project within Reserves? – No.  In response to a question, David advised that we are not allowed to implement a line item in our reserves which “saves” or even allocates money for a future project.  He again stressed that every item in reserves must already exist.

  k)  How do We “Save” For A Defined Future Project?  Add a budget line item to next Operating Budget, then accumulate and carry over funds year to year until line item is complete.  The line item must identify item and the term.  Example:  New $12,000 East Stone Marque – 3 Yrs @$4,000/Year (becomes a $4,000 budget line Item).  We can have as many line items like this as will fit into assessment income.


            l)  Can we have an “Emergency Fund” for Unexpected Events like Storm Damage?  Yes.  However the only approved method is same as  (above) “Saving for a Defined Future Project” – it must be a line item in the Operating Budget and total budget must equal assessment income.




ARC Change Requests:  None Submitted.  Preliminary review of a future submission.




BOD Re-election & Internal Officer Assignments – President congratulated Eileen Solomon on her re-election to the board for another 3-Years.  President opened opportunity for all members to volunteer for, or shift, existing officer positions on the board.  No adjustments were requested.


2004 Landscape Contract Awarded -  BOD upgraded our Request for Proposal (RFP) again this year to include solutions to contractor failures and other recently identified landscape needs.  Contract extras and disappointments from 2003, and new community requirements were identified in a 2004 Addendum for this year’s seasonal RFP.  Additional scope of work will increase contract cost this year. Landscape Innovations Inc is a new firm formed by recent merge of Meade Landscape and Landscape Innovations Inc.  Meade Landscape has been an on-call contractor for us for several years.  Our 2003 landscape contractor’s proposal (G and G Landscape) for 2004, came in several thousand dollars higher for same services, materials  and work scope than Landscape Innovations Inc.  Both proposals were examined in detail by several board members.  Addendum items were subsequently merged into the base RFP.   Landscape Innovations was asked to be sure they could meet new work scope with their quote.  They agreed and signed the contract. 


There is not enough money in the 2004 budget to pay for the additional work scope.  However, we plan to use some reserve operating funds (not capital reserves)  from a CD about to mature in April to cover the difference.


Poll Results; Capital Investment Projects -  Eileen tabulated the written submissions (See minutes of Annual Meeting):  Results are:


Priority Item  Project Name  Estimated Cost
One (Tied)  9  Install 2 Matching Street Lights in Center Island $3,000
  19  Improve Marque Lighting (Replace Florescent) 1,000
Two 14  Upgrade lettering (black, gold, red) at entrance 1,400
Three (Tied) 8 Upgrade Landscape in 5 of 6 Cul-de-sac(s) *  10,000
  12  Upgrade Landscape in Cherry Blossom Place Court  2,000
    Total Estimated Cost:  (* Revised upward due to new quote)  17,400



See Minutes of Annual Meeting – there are no funds these projects.  Board will utilize poll results as one data point to development a needed assessment increase.  Further discussion deferred to March BOD meeting.


Common Area Behavior Rule 2003-1 Adopted -  This rule provides definition for unacceptable behavior while on common areas of our community.  It also provides legal follow up enforcement methods including hearings, and fines.  This legal, rule development effort has been requested by the community for several years.  The initial document provided by our attorney and used by other communities, was edited independently by each member of the board to conform it to Orchard Knolls environment.  The resulting consensus document was presented as a draft at 2003 Annual Meeting. Membership provided further suggestions for additions and adjustments requesting a final membership review before adoption.  After those adjustments were made, it was mailed to all owners for comments in July.  Further community suggestions were again edited into a final document.  In October, the final document was reviewed and approved (again) by our attorney. In November, exact pre-adoption text was read aloud by our president to all attending the monthly BOD meeting.  The president requested any last minute changes. There were none.  The Rule was again introduced at Annual Membership Meeting January 12, 2004.  Handout copies of the pre-adoption final text were made available for all members attending.   There was no further comment from membership. 


Common Area Behavior Rule 2003-1 stands approved by our attorney, approved by board of directors, and twice approved by membership.  A motion was made tonight to adopt and execute Common Area Behavior Rule 2003-1.  The motion was seconded.  Passed Unanimously.  Copies of the adopted rule will be mailed to each member with next newsletter.


Received Proposal to Upgrade Cul-de-sacs – At the request of many members, BOD was prepared to remove the Azaleas and generally upgrade the Cul-de-sacs landscape some time in 2004.  When Landscape Innovations Inc requested to bid on our 2004 Season landscape contract, they also requested to bid on our intent to upgrade landscape of 5 of 6 cul-de-sac(s).  (Existing landscape in Gooseberry Ct Cul-de-sac is ideal because it is maintenance-free and still quite attractive). Landscape Innovation Inc provided the following beautifully detailed graphic proposal with an alternate for additional decorative trees, in the 5 remaining circles:


Location                     Alt A (One Crepe Myrtle)                 Alt B (Three Crepe Myrtles) 

Pineapple Grove                     2,380                                                   2,998

Citrus Grove                            2,420                                                   3,038

Blackberry Ter #1                   1,620                                                   2,238

Blackberry Ter #2                   1,620                                                   2,238

Citrus Grove                            2,120                                                   2,738  

Total Cost                            10,160                                                 13,250


Proposal includes removing existing flowering Bradford Pear trees including stumps.  Existing Azaleas are proposed to be transplanted to other common areas more suitable for that variety. Marble benches and existing crepe myrtle remain. New soil and mulch is added. Grass and sod upgrades are excluded.   Upon initial review, BOD was surprised at unexpectedly high cost.  Upon closer examination, it appears that Landscape Innovations has incorporated much new plant variety and color.  BOD general consensus is the cost is too high and there are implications of very high repeated seasonal maintenance.


There are no funds for this project.  Board will utilize proposal costs as another data point to development a needed assessment increase.  Further discussion on this project deferred to March BOD meeting.


Townhome Mailbox(s) Access and Gazebo Walk Plowed Under - Snow Removal Complaints – Several verbal and one email complaint was received noting our contractor (JL Landscape) plowed recent snow over the sidewalk making it nearly impossible to access Townhome mailbox(s).  The contractor did not clear the access way.  The same contractor (again) piled snow high against the light post in Cherry Blossom Court.  Rick will contact JL.


SHA Townhome Snow Removal Complaints – Several BOD members noted that SHA plowed snow high in the intersection of Rt 28 - on the bull-nose island at the end of Blackberry Drive making it dangerous to see vehicles on the other side of Blackberry Drive.  In addition, the jughandle turn-around was not plowed again.  Jerry will contact SHA. 


Begin Newsletter Development – Brian Zarchin has again volunteered to develop the next Orchard Knolls Flyer (newsletter)  for us.  Jerry noted that adoption of the new Rule 2003-1 requires distribution to all owners – therefore it may be desirable to distribute it along with a newsletter in late March.  This timing is appropriate in that it coincides with next community inspection in early April.  The newsletter could also address BOD progress on development of assessment increase.  Many other issues and information should be addressed. BOD members should prepare and submit their articles to Eileen.  Eileen will edit and submit them to Brian.  Jerry will alert Brian to the desired timing.


Decision Escalated on Disposition of Pedestrian Bridge between Tot-Lots -   Jerry reviewed the looming crisis with the Pedestrian Bridge.  It must be escalated in BOD priority due to safety, and to immediately allocate needed repair funds within our current assessment increase study. 


Recent heavy rains have now eroded the east bank so deep that one of four support legs is hanging in the air. The structure is twisting because of the unsupported leg.  The bridge has become costly to maintain and will soon become unstable.  It is even now unsafe after heavy rains with high water under it.


In 2000, Vandals broke off all the rails costing about $900 to restore.  In 2001, a heavy rain storm caused two west side support legs to wash out costing about $1500 to restore  In 2002, the entire bridge washed downstream 25 yards in another heavy rainstorm costing about $2000 to restore.  Repairs for the current condition are expected to be about $4-5,000… Contractor needs $350/day for estimated 3 days to repair bridge and about $3,000 in medium size boulders (delivered to site) , wire mesh and heavy equipment time, to reinforce the west side bank at the bridge.  There are is no warranty of future stability.  There is no flood insurance.


This bridge serves to provide a shorter path between SE and SW Tot-Lots than the existing bike path.  It is not a bike path. Blackberry Drive access has steps.  Blackberry Drive bike path already provides a no-step access to the SE side Tot-Lot along the creek ridge behind the townhomes. Blackberry Drive Tot-Lot is least-used and is winding down.  BOD has no plans to upgrade this lot and is recommending an attrition closure.  Rick advised that a decision must be made in 2004 to either remove the bridge or address the erosion which is again breaking up the bridge.  BOD has been pursuing solutions with several contractors.  These are current alternatives:


            $100,000         Permanent  Solution   Creek Erosion Control (Estimate by Erosion Control Contractor)

            $ 23,000          5-10 Year Solution      Limited Erosion Control (Quote by Erosion Control Contractor)

            $ 18,000          10-20 Year Solution    Longer span steel humpback bridge – ignore erosion

            $ 12,000          4-8 Year Solution        Raise bridge 6-ft, add catwalk, ramp steps – ignore erosion

            $   4,600          3-5 Year Solution        Raise bridge 4-ft, relocate 8-ft, add end steps – ignore erosion

            $   2,500          Permanent Solution      Remove and dispose of bridge – ignore erosion.


The $100,000 solution includes all permits.  The $23,000 solution does not include permits.  The $18,000 longer span solution is an estimate for a prefabricated steel span originally proposed in 1992.  The bottom three are from local contractors focused on bridge stability that ignore creek erosion.  None provide a guarantee against flood damage.


BOD is leaning toward the $2,500 permanent solution by removing the bridge and allowing nature to take it’s course with erosion.  This is the least cost solution.  The process will close the split-rail fence connections between the two Tot-Lots, remove the short pieces of paved walk and grass them over, then remove and dispose of the bridge.  The only known downside is another 50 yards walk to get to the SE Tot-Lot from Blackberry Drive.  Jerry asked board members to visit the bridge and observe the nature of the problem.  BOD deferred further discussion to March meeting.


Reserves $17,000 Shortfall Must be Addressed - Add Funds to Meet  EOY Requirement -  Jerry provided copies of Reserves Fund Requirements focusing on EOY 2004 needs. Jerry noted we ended 2003 with a $9,637 deficit as identified in our overhead and handout at annual meeting.  2004 Reserves require an additional $8,000 due annual allocations for recently added Tot-Lot equipment, Blackberry Drive Center Island Lighting and Sprinklers, as well as normal replacement cost increases for every asset of the community.


New Vehicle Parking and Covenant Violation Warning Signs Distributed:  Jerry handed out bright yellow copies of warning signs to be placed under windshield wiper of vehicles violating our related covenants and fire lanes.  Eileen, Mohammad, and Jerry will primarily install the signs on violating vehicles.  Current plan is to call in tag numbers to local police for repeat firelane violations, but to install the new signs under wipers for all other violations.  After 48 hours, we will tow the offending vehicle.


Several More Leyland Cypress Trees Down – Eileen brought to our attention that several more Leyland Cypress are falling over in the townhome areas.  Jerry noted that a Leyland is completely down in the North East Tot Lot.  There are two down behind the split rail fence along the East Blackberry Drive Creek area.  We will contact our new Landscape contractor to investigate and provide a restoration or removal price.




ABS’ Financial Statement, December 1 thru 31, 2003:

ABS’ Financial Statement, January 1 thru 31, 2004:


The Balance Sheet for December 31, 2003 was reviewed at Annual Meeting in January.  The ABS Financial Statement for January has not been received as yet.  Mohammad will bring December, January and February to the March meeting.


10.  OLD BOD BUSINESS   (Pending, Not Discussed)


Blackberry Drive Center Island Uplighting -  In spring 2004, the individual light sources will be moved closer to the surface.


Directory Update

Rick has begun steps to produce a new directory.  He will contact Lisa Goodman and Rita Becker to arrange and schedule remaining logistics, reproduction and distribution work.


East Entrance Flower Bed Below Grade

Due to SHA’s increased elevation of Blackberry Drive/Rt 28 East – flower bed is below grade due new height sidewalk.


Rt 28 White Fence Violates SHA/Pepco Right-of-Way – Also Appears to be “Sinking” (East of Blackberry Drive)

Due to increased elevation of Rt 28 East, the addition of a sidewalk, and the original elevation of our berm  – about ½ of our white fence appears to go “downhill” and disappears behind the sidewalk. SHA says their surveyors noted that our fence is on their right-of-way.  It is an unkempt appearance from Rt 28.  A bottom rail fell out in December.


(Editorial Comment): HOA should relocate fence higher on berm, or remove the section east of Verizon switch unit.


Dead and Wind Damaged Trees Cut and Not Replaced; Stumps Remain

Probably our most frequent complaint.  There are three costs for each tree; Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Tree Replacement.  For several years, various contractors have been expeditiously cutting dead trees above grade leaving exposed ugly and dangerous stumps. The benefit to that approach is that it is fast and keeps initial cost low.   The trees have not been replaced.  There are now many exposed, unsafe and ugly stumps in the common areas.


(Editorial Comment):  This situation will become a very expensive future project if not undertaken soon.  BOD needs to revise tree cutting policy to include removing stump – unless in a remote area.  Further, if a tree is cut down, it should be replaced or grass over the area.  Not every tree needs to be replaced, but the location should be restored


Citrus Grove Cul-de-Sac Needs Trees Replaced


Restore East Entrance Zone 1 Sprinkler System along Rt. 28

SHA damaged this zone beyond repair and agreed to replace it.


Two New Streetlights for Blackberry Drive Island Delayed

Quote received for $2,750 to accomplish this project by bringing power through our conduit under Blackberry Drive from West side marque power source.  BOD decided to delay and review the need after uplighting project is complete.


Fully Loaded Townhome Streetlight Circuit Upgrade Delayed

Capacity on this circuit is needed for 3 proposed future projects:  1) Additional uplights for center island trees, 2) Two new center island streetlights, 3) New colonial lamps at entrance to Townhomes.  Circuit starts behind Cherry Blossom Court, then North, West, and South along Cherry Blossom Lane.  Contractor load tests concluded that addition of further additions was not possible.  A new parallel circuit will be required if more additions to this circuit become necessary.


Blackberry Drive Crosswalk at Playground

Lisa is working with Montgomery County in an effort to have this accomplished.


Blackberry Drive & Terrace Stop Sign to Replace Yield

Lisa is working with Montgomery County in an effort to have this accomplished


Most Common Area Lawns Adjacent to End-Unit Townhomes are Neglected

Inequity in common area landscape.  End unit townhomes own only 4-feet from side brickwork.  Remaining side lawn is community responsibility.  Community lawn care is neglecting weeding, feeding and trimming these areas.  Most have become eyesores.  However, an exception is 15701 Cherry Blossom Lane parallel-to Blackberry Drive. That lot is receiving community sprinkling, trimming, fertilization, weeding, insecticide and lawn cutting.  The issue is neglect of community trimming, fertilization, weeding, insecticide and lawn cutting for all other side lots owned by the community.


Inefficient Townhome Curb Parking

Limited curb parking is permitted and posted by signs on North and West Cherry Blossom Lane.  However, spaces are not marked.  Vehicles park randomly creating very inefficient use of the limited space.  Proposal is to “tic” mark each space.  American Striping quoted $399 to do the job in 2001.


Alleged Unlicensed Business in Cherry Blossom Place

Owner recently rented a townhome to ARC of Montgomery County:  According to our attorney, this County Service appears to be a family home for mentally challenged adults requiring adult assisted living.  Home is not allowed to exceed three adults.   A License to operate may be required.  HOA application and approval may be required. Rick obtained copy of lease for our files.   Our attorney is investigating.


Dog Waste Sign Intentionally Smashed - Citrus Grove Cul-de-sac

In-ground sign has been intentionally smashed as if by a heavy hammer, beat, split and wrapped around the steel pole.  Some members of the board wanted to remove it.  BOD decided to replace it.


Gazebo Mailbox Unit Damaged by Children

Gazebo & Mailbox unit needs painting again.  Need to construct a defense against children climbing to top of unit.


ABS Requests Disposal of Orchard Knolls’ Pre-1996 Records

Last month, BOD declined, requesting that Mohammad obtain ABS’s storage costs.


Should HOA Mail (Distributed by ABS) go to Owner’s Alternate Addresses?

Some owners have “blind” addresses for their actual residence.  Their assessment bill is mailed to and paid by another financially responsible agent.  ABS continues to ask BOD - Should HOA mail, prepared by ABS, be mailed to owner’s “alternate” address? Should it be duplicated for resident’s HOA property?


Previous Communication to BOD - (BOD has not responded):

Annoying Home Alarm

Cherry Blossom Lane owner wants BOD to take action -  Alleges that a loud, continuous, and obnoxious exterior alarm in Cherry Blossom Ct. goes off frequently (at least once a month)... alarm continues all day and does not get shut off until occupant comes home at 5pm.  Says he visited owner who explained that it is an interior alarm therefore no county law applies.  Cherry Blossom Lane owner alleges that alarm device is exterior mounted above rear kitchen door and very loud. 


Trim Color Not Approved

Owner responded to our letter citing property for unapproved white color trim rails.  Owner says they have been white for 3 years and declines to change color now.


Two Neighbor’s Down Spouts Flooding Area

Owner requested help at 2003 Annual Meeting.  Area of concern is between 15728 & 15732.  Down spout runoff from 15732 and 15734 floods common area and this owner’s property with constant water/mud.  In addition shrubs on common area are so overgrown that sunlight is totally blocked exacerbating the water and mud.


Water Pooling at Gazebo;  Mosquito Breeding Ground

Owner requested that HOA regrade this area to eliminate water from pooling and risk of mosquitoes breeding.  .


Limbs Over South Townhome Parking

Dangerous limbs overhanging striped parking in South Cherry Blossom Lane.


Two Large Dead HOA Trees in Front of Home

Two HOA trees directly in front of her front door have been dead all year and requested they be removed and replaced.  Jerry took photos of the trees for BOD.  Rick added to the list to be removed by JL Landscape.


Preserve South West Tot-Lot Equipment

Requesting South West Lot’s baby-swings and see-saw be preserved.


Two Removed Trees not Replaced, Stumps Remain

In 2002, BOD removed 2 dead trees directly across street from home and left two stumps exposed above grade.


Possible Unapproved Day Care

Major increase in adults with children entering and leaving a unit in Cherry Blossom Place.  Implication is that an unapproved Day Care may be in operation.



11.  UNFUNDED COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT REQUESTS (Some now escalated to “New Business”:


Duplicate Entrance Stone Marque on East Side of Blackberry Drive

Matching Colonial Lamps at Townhome Entrance

Brass “Orchard Knolls Towns” Plaques on Existing Stone Columns

Permanent Flagpoles with Uplighting at Front Entrance

Increase Berm Height at Senior Housing Boundary

Security Lighting along Creek and Bike Path

Add 2 Missing Red Maples at each end of North-East Blackberry Drive

Upgrade North-East Tot-Lot

Upgrade South-West Tot-Lot

Covered Picnic Pavilion over South West Lot

Trim All Common Area Trees.

Add Streetlight to Cherry Blossom Place Parking Area

Transformers Screening in Cherry Blossom Place

Replace Sprinkler Enclosure - Larger unit Needed

Paint Curb Parking “Tics” on Cherry Blossom Lane.




Paint Gazebo and Mailbox Unit.

Replace Split Streetlight Pole on Cherry Blossom Court

Upgrade Streetlight Power Circuit Running at Capacity.

Pressure Wash/Seal Unsightly Retaining Wall Beams

Pressure Wash/Seal Unsightly Tot-Lot Benches

Remove Common Area Stumps; Replace Previously Removed Trees

Regrade Gazebo Landscape; Eliminate Flooding Water

Reroute Water Flooding Common Area Adjacent to 15728 CBL




CB Place – ARC of Montgomery County

Townhome Landscape Issues (Do Covenants Apply?)

Delinquent Assessment Collections

Tot-Lot Contractor Dispute

PGC Dispute

Identifying Non Approved Day Care Operations

Common Area Behavior Rule

Blackberry Drive/Rt 28 Intersection Pepco Illumination




Tot-Lot Upgrades        Harris Leonard, Kathy Wyatt, Rita Becker, Maria Siravo, Lisa Goodman

Newsletter                   Brian Zarchin, Eileen Solomon

Directory                     Rita Becker, Rick Schinner, Lisa Goodman

Grounds                      Mohammad Homaitabar, Rick Schinner, Rita Becker

Sprinkler System        Jerry Way, Terrence Chan




Assessment Collections and Bookkeeping    Associated Bookkeeping Services

Audit and Tax Preparation                              Ahlberg & Company - David Bremmer, Auditor

Delinquent Collections                                                Attorney Stanley S. Pickett

Electrical                                                         Power Systems Electric

Insurance                                                        State Farm

Lawn Care & Landscape                                Landscape Innovations Inc.

Legal Counsel                                                 Attorney David Gardner

Post Office                                                      Diamond Farms

Printing & Reproduction                                              Kinko – Gaithersburg

Signage                                                           The Sign Store (Gaithersburg)

Snow Removal                                                           JL Landscape

Sprinkler Systems                                          Unity Irrigation

Stationary                                                        Rockville Printing

Towing                                                                        G&G Towing (Silver Spring)

Trash Collection                                              Titus

Tree and Stump Removal                              Landscape Innovations Inc

Web Site                                                         Interland Inc


16.  ADJOURNMENT AND NEXT MEETING - Monthly meeting adjourned at 9: 00  Pm.


Next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, March 8, 2004, 7:00 Pm, location to be determined.  Call any board member for location.  Orchard Knolls owners and residents welcome.  Input by US mail, email, or web page is welcome.