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Minutes – Monthly Board Meeting


July 12, 2004


BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BOD):                                                                                                    Expires


Richard Schinner



Nov 2005

VP Detached Homes

Lisa Goodman


Nov 2005

VP Town Homes

Eileen Solomon



Nov 2007


Mohammad Homaitabar



Nov 2004


Jerry Way



Nov 2005




Kathy Wyatt


Rita Becker


Dennis Zepp


1.  ARC & BOD ABSENT:     Mohammad Homaitabar, Kathy Wyatt, Rita Becker 


2.  GUESTS:                                      None


3.  CALL TO ORDER:           7:00 p.m.  Eileen’s Home Again. (Thank You Eileen!)


4.  PREVIOUS MINUTES:                            


June 14th - Board Meeting

June 21st – Assessment Membership Meeting


Both sets of minutes have been posted on web site for 3 weeks.  Hard copies of both minutes made available to all.  President called for any changes or amendments.  There were none.  Motion made to accept both meeting’s minutes.  Motion was 2nd – passed unanimously.


5.  COMMON AREA HEARINGS:                 None


6.  GUEST BUSINESS:                                 N/A


7.  ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE (ARC) BUSINESS:  ARC met separately earlier in the month and voted on several matters. Dennis Zepp, Acting Chairperson, presented the following issues:  


Architectural Change Requests (ACR):

12023 Blackberry Terrace – Brick Walk – Approved

12020 Blackberry Terrace – Room Addition – Approved

15705 Cherry Blossom Lane – Deck – Approved

15705 Cherry Blossom Lane – Rear Fence – Approved

15746 Cherry Blossom Lane  - Permanent Lighting for US Flag  - Approved

15630 Blackberry Drive – Trellis – Approved

15614 Blackberry Drive – Screened Porch -  In review cycle by committee.

Architectural Guidelines:  The following changes were reviewed, voted upon and approved:


a). Town Home Trim Paint Table Clarified: Revised house number table adding odd-even numbers in table.


b). Allow Artificial Wood for Deck and Rails:  “Trex” (or equivalent) for townhome floor decking and all rails.


c). Allow Patterned Floor on Decking (Vs. parallel to house):  Most deck floors cannot be seen from street.  All decks require submission of Architectural Change Request.  Each will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


d). Allow Clarifications by BOD or ARC Chair:  Until now, even a one-word change to Architectural Guidelines required ARC and BOD vote.  Clarifications will no longer require vote by ARC or BOD. The following paragraph will be inserted at front of Guidelines:


CLARIFICATIONS Vs. CHANGES/ADDITIONS:  Any material or legal change to the Architectural Guidelines requires majority passage vote by both ARC and by Board of Directors.  Occasionally, clarifications must be made to enhance definition within the master document .  A clarification will not materialistically change or add-to to Architectural Guidelines.  ARC Chairperson must pre-approve any clarifications to the master document.  A clarification does not require a vote by ARC or BOD, but must have already been discussed, approved and recorded in minutes of a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors wherein ARC Chairperson or Acting Chairperson was present.


8.  TREASURER’S REPORT           :


Missing Financial Statement Tonight:  Treasurer called indicating due to an emergency, he would be quite late for the meeting tonight. Apparently, it was not possible for him to make the board meeting before adjournment tonight.  Treasurer has our monthly financial reports with him.  Next board meeting will review period between reports.


Missing Audit Report Tonight:  Secretary requested that due to significant recent financial changes, no meeting in August, and absence of Treasurer tonight – the  ABS financial statement,  and copies of the recent audit be mailed to board members.  Rick will contact Treasurer.




Outstanding Felled Trees Removed –  Landscape Innovations removed all felled common area trees this month.  Cost was negotiated in with upgrade of the Cul-de-Sac circles project.


Cul-de-Sac $12,000 Landscape Upgrades Complete – Dead fallen tree roots and azaleas were removed.  All 5 circles were upgraded this month.  Existing healthy trees in circles were retained but pruned and thinned. New Crepe Myrtle were planted in circles without healthy trees.   All azaleas were removed and transplanted for erosion control on the North East berm.  About ½ are expected to survive.  All circles received a circle of Holly and a wide variety of perennial plantings and flowers.  Deer repellant and the contracted 10 week (2 X /Week) watering cycle has begun.


Pedestrian Bridge $5,520 Repairs Approved:  An informal straw-vote at last membership meeting, after review of the several cost alternatives, indicates majority of community wishes to pay the money to save the bridge.  Labor to install a new replacement bridge will be more costly than current proposal to raise and secure the bridge. A motion was made to accept the $5,520 proposal from TML to raise and relocate the bridge to more secure footing, add steps and handrails at each end. About ½ the funds will be taken from General Reserves.  Raising it will allow more water to pass underneath – rather than interfere with footings. There is no provision to resolve the bank erosion which is causing the bridge problem. There are no guarantee that the bridge will not again be washed away.  The motion was seconded, and passed with 3 of 4 votes.  Jerry abstained due to his relationship with TML.  Rick signed the contract.  Work will complete before mid September.

Ten Properties with Maintenance Violations at Step 3 - Five Turned Over to Attorney – One property owner is out of the country for two months – turnover is on hold.  In a telephone call to owners, 4 properties agreed to resolve the issues within one month to preclude attorney involvement.  The other 5 properties were turned over to our attorney this month.


21 Properties Receive Step 1 & 2 Inspection Notice Letters Mailed This Month – As a result of our May Inspection, Six Step 2  - 2nd Notice Letters were mailed “Certified”… Fifteen Step 1 - 1st Notice Letters were mailed First Class.


Senior Center Corrects Site Plan Drawings – We received a corrected drawing from Senior Center  revising their berm connection to our North East berm.  Their berm will not exceed our current grade level – thus there is not further threat to our flowering trees.  In addition, they corrected elevation and contour information in the jughandle intersection noting that State Highway had super-imposed their storm water needs on Senior Center plans to re-forest and screen the intersection.  Senior Center will continue to appeal to State Highway to add trees and shrubs to the berm.  We have no legal leverage in that matter.


Senior Center Provides Boundary Landscape Drawings – We finally received approved landscape plan for the entire property.  Their property will be heavily reforested along the east and west boundary – however the trees are small and immature.  It will take many years to produce mature screening along our east boundary with them. They show screening trees in the jughandle intersection, but likelihood of SHA approval is small.  We expect to use their tree location plan to add further screening trees to Townhome residents in the Northeast corner of our property that were impacted by State Highway widening project.


White Paint on Town Home Streets Corrected – Volunteers Mohammad and Jerry spent considerable effort and time to “seal” over the white paint spills in the total townhome community this month.  Association paid for black street sealer and throw away brushes.  Project is complete.


Approved $600 Repair of 1990 Split Rail Fencing at Tot-Lot - Two bids were received (3 requested) to repair the broken fence at the S/W Tot-Lot.  TML submitted $600 for 4 Posts/9 Rails, PARAS  was $1,273 for 7 Posts/18 Rails.  Motion was made to accept the TML proposal to be conducted concurrently with the approved TML bridge repair project.  However, the projects must be separately invoiced


Cherry Blossom Ct Damaged Streetlight Post - $840 Replacement Underway:  Cherry Blossom Court streetlight post replacement is in process.  The post will be 2-feet shorter to keep the fixture out of tree limbs and provide more light closer to the ground.  We contracted to also install a steel barrier in front of the post.  The old post and fixture has been removed. 


Need Snow Removal Contractor - Secretary requested BOD authorize advertising now in local papers for a snow removal contractor noting that by September it will be too late.  President advised he will discuss with a contact recommended by departing contractor.


Incorrect, Overdue Tax Bills  - Turned over to Attorney – HOA received County Tax bills for overdue taxes on two HOA parcels from 2003.  County apparently sent bills to development’s 1990 bookkeeper and subsequently became lost.  HOA does not pay land taxes.  It is thought the two parcels were transferred to State Highway as part of Rt 28 widening although that premise has not been proven accurate.  Montgomery County threatened to auction the two parcels June 15.  Treasurer authorized payment until the issue could be researched.  Issue has been turned over to our attorney with following goals:  1) Get our money back, 2) Get records corrected, 3 )Get assurance it will not reoccur


Streetlight for Cherry Blossom Place Delayed to Fall 2004 – The approved revised budget includes one new streetlight for the non garaged townhome parking lot. Non garaged townhomes do not have post lamps.  Center of the parking area is dark at night.  One added streetlight is proposed on the curb at the center of the parking area.  This added light requested by neighbors could do much to reduce vandalism to the street trees and parked automobiles.  Expected cost is $1300.  BOD decided to wait until fall to evaluate our financial position before proceeding with this project.

Dead Trees Removed – Remaining Common Area Tree And Shrub Problems:  All known dead trees and shrubs, and all known felled trees have been removed this month. In some cases, a felled tree in a wooded common area will remain natural and not be removed.  There was much discussion over long outstanding tree problems in the community – high costs to resolve etc.  BOD authorized secretary to solicit bids for removal of the stumps on our list.  Lisa will also obtain a bid from her tree contact for the stumps.  Jerry will get the list to Lisa.  Summary and current BOD’s disposition of each category is noted below:


Dangerous – Out for bid.

2004 – 100 Year Old Maple – Between Tot-Lots


Down – Not Dangerous – Waiting on attorney.

2004 – 2 Behind 12022 Citrus Grove Road


Dead & Dying – Waiting on Tree Expert Opinions

2003 – Flowering Cherry Trees Along Berm Turning Yellow – Sparse Foliage.

2004 – 12002 Citrus Grove Road Owner Feels 2 additional HOA trees are jeopardizing his property.


Leaning Heavily - Need Staking – Turned over to Landscape Innovations for Restoration

2002 – Cypress Leaning On Rt 28 White Vinyl Fence

2004 – Cypress Leaning On Owners Fence – Behind 7 Cherry Blossom Ct

2004 – Cypress Leaning On HOA Fence – Between 16022 - 16026 Blackberry Drive


Removed – Not Replaced:- On hold, waiting financial review

2002 - Two Flowering Dogwood - Northwest Cherry Blossom Lane

2004 - Flowering Cherry - 15740 Cherry Blossom Lane

2004 - Two Pin-Oak -12006 Cherry Blossom Place

2004 - Bradford Pear –15746 Cherry Blossom Lane

2004 – Weeping Willow –S/W Tot-Lot


Stumps Cut Off Above Grade – Out for bid.

2001 - 2 Leyland Cypress - Along Creek Bank N/W Of 15622 Blackberry Drive

2002 - 1 White Pine - South Side Of N/W Berm – Beside 15630 Blackberry Drive

2003 - 1 Flowering Cherry - 15740 Cherry Blossom Lane

2003 - 2 Leyland Cypress - Between 15622 - 15626 Blackberry Drive

2004 - 1 Blue Spruce – N/E Tot-Lot

2004 - 3 Leyland Cypress – Behind South Cherry Blossom Lane TH(S)

2004 - 1 Weeping Willow - S/W Tot-Lot

2004 - 1 Bradford Pear - 15746 Cherry Blossom Lane


Severely Overgrown – Need Pruning: - Will address when dormant – Fall 2004

2002 - Three Overgrown Holly Exceeding Wall Height – Blocking Light Fixtures – Entrance

2002 – Front Entrance Hedges Overgrown – Nearly Covering Stone Wall

2002 - Dangerous Limbs Overhanging Striped Parking – South Cherry Blossom Lane

2003 - Long Dead Tree Limb – Between 15707 - 15709 Cherry Blossom Lane

Common Area Trees Have Never Been Shaped




Violent Windstorm – Fells Large Trees - $1,000 Non-Budgeted Expense.  A June 7 sudden violent windstorm felled 3 large mature trees and caused much damage to other common area trees.    A 12-Inch diameter limb broke off the dying 100 year old maple in S/W Tot-Lot and hung up in lower limbs. Several large limbs fell from other HOA trees.  BOD was forced to request emergency service to remove the trees and limbs  Initial cost was $1000.  There is no budget item for emergency tree work.   Also See:  “Dangerous 100-Year Old Maple”.


Tall Weeping Willow Splits at Tot-Lots – Had to be Removed -  A 100-Foot tall Weeping Willow overhanging S/E Tot-Lot split half way up the trunk with the top half hanging precariously over the lot and equipment..  Unfortunately, the tree hangs over the Tot-Lot and posed an immediate danger to children and others in the area. We were forced to contract for emergency removal. In order to reduce cost, the willow tree trunk wood was left behind.


Two HOA Trees fall Into Owner Rear Yard  - Owner Complains HOA Responsible  - During the June violent windstorm – two HOA owned trees fell across a private fence with branches into owners rear yard.  Apparently there was some damage to owners yard landscape. Owner sent several emails and a myriad of phone calls to BOD insisting that HOA was responsible to clean it up and repair damages.  HOA declined responsibility and responded that damage was between owner and owner’s homeowner insurance.  Matter has since been referred to our attorney.


Large HOA Tree Falls across Parked Vehicle and Several Parking Spaces – During the June violent windstorm – a 14 year old Bradford Pear broke off at the roots and fell on a parked car at North West Cherry Blossom Lane.  Significant damage was done although the vehicle is operable.  HOA declined responsibility.  Owner agrees and has contacted their insurance company.  HOA removed the tree to free the vehicle and parking spaces.


Tree Experts Declare 100-Year Old Maple Tree in Tot-Lot Dangerous – $2,350 Non-Budgeted Expense - Two tree experts have examined the huge tree between our two Tot-Lots and declared it unsafe.  It is rotten inside, has several split cavities and large insect holes.  It is over 100-Foot tall with enormous limbs that hang over the creek and both Tot-Lots.  If it came down it would do significant damage to our fence and playground equipment – as well as potential injury.  BOD agreed to bid the removal project. Meade Tree Service has furnished a written bid for $2,350 to take it down, grind the branches, and haul the wood to the dump.   There is no budget item for emergency tree work. Lisa Goodman has contact with another tree expert and will obtain another bid.


Attorney Interprets “HOA Not Liable” for HOA Tree Damage to Private Property – After consulting with our attorney, it was determined that HOA is not responsible for damage to private property from HOA trees that fall as a result of “Act of God”.  Since there was no negligence, owners must obtain recovery from private insurance.


Attorney Files “Notice of Suit” against Previous Owner for NSF Check – Attorney advised that he has filed a notice of pending law suit against previous owner of 157?? Cherry Blossom Lane for bounced check.  Recovery will include original amount, a punitive amount, and attorney fees. 


N/W Retaining Wall Repaired:  - Six decorative shrubs died along the northwest retaining wall two years ago because the soil was washing over the wall.  They were cut down and removed – the stumps are still there.  A large Bradford Pear Tree in front of the wall fell during the recent June windstorm and was removed leaving the retaining wall and soil erosion exposed. Similar repairs were required on the retaining wall at the gazebo last year.   BOD approved the addition of one 6 x 6 beam level on the wall.  Labor was volunteer.  Materials cost was about $80.  The work is done.


Decorative Post with Web Address Added to Entrance - During several recent membership meetings, many community members complained they were not aware or could not remember our community web page address.  They wanted a way to be reminded of the address on a periodic basis.  The address is already on all minutes and mailings.  BOD voted unanimously to install a small decorative sign with our web address at the entrance. A small decorative post was added to the center island to accommodate our owned but stored www.orchardknolls.org sign.  The post is a wood, pressure treated decorative mailbox post. The sign is environmentally friendly.  It is non-rust, white aluminum with green letters.  Flowers were planted at the post base.  Labor was volunteer.  Materials cost was $19.  Flowers cost was $12.  The post will accommodate a hanging basket.


Community Approves 24% Assessment Effective July 1 2004:  See June 21, 2004 Minutes “Special Meeting of Membership for Assessment Increase”.  On June 21, our membership voted to approve a 24% across the board assessment increase effective July 1, 2004.  Corrected billing has been mailed to all owners.  Income allocations to both reserve funds will be increased and re-allocated between funds effective January 1, 2005.  Board of Directors recognizes that we have not prudently increased contributions to both funds for several years - while the impact of inflation and added community assets have placed increasing demands on both funds.  Revised contribution amounts will be identified with our 2005 budget adjustments after Annual Membership Meeting November 2004. 


BOD Approves Reserves Transfer - Townhome Reserves Now Fully Funded:  Our covenants require that Townhome Streets Replacement Reserve be fully funded.  Actual current balance (plus remaining contributions to end of 2004) must be equal to (or greater than) total requirement identified by Townhome Streets Replacement Reserves Forecast Plan at end of 2004.  We have a deficit in that fund.  This matter was identified in detail and discussed at length with our membership at our recent Special Meeting of Membership for Assessment Increase.  BOD voted to transfer $6,370 (Six-thousand, three-hundred and seventy) dollars from Optional General Replacement Reserve Fund, to Required Townhome Streets Replacement Fund.  Vote passed unanimously.   This adjustment will not affect budget or assessments.


Common Ownership Community Renewal   Fees Doubled.  HOA membership is a requirement of Montgomery County.  Membership fees nearly doubled this year to $350.  Invoice passed to ABS for payment.


Cherry Blossom Place - $842 Quote to Screen Transformers and Power Meter – On Hold  This project is included in the recent approved 2004 budget revision.  Because of possible unstable finances at this time, BOD decided to delay this project until after financial reviews in September.


Contract Item - Limbs  Blocking & Damaging Streetlight Fixtures Pruned – Our new landscape contractor pruned back limbs around all streetlights this month.  This contract item has been neglected by other contractors for many years.


Complaints of Unregistered Multiple Day Care Operations – BOD has received complaints of high traffic baby and small children “pick-ups” and “drop-offs” particularly in the townhome community.  Complaints are centered around a significant traffic increase in am and pm with observations of a myriad of non owner/tenant children being dropped off and picked up.   Jerry noted that our records indicate there are no registered Day Care Operations in Orchard Knolls at this time.  Owner observations indicate otherwise.  BOD again decided to table the matter until a less busy time.


Complaints of Neighbor Luring Feral Creek Cats into Residential Home Areas – Apparently, in April 2004, 2 domestic cats, owned by an Orchard Knolls owner, were attacked by a creek-resident feral cat in the single family homes area causing deep, infected abscesses in the domestic cats.  Owner complains that the feral cats are being lured into the residential area by another Orchard Knolls neighbor who insists on feeding and caring for the feral animals.  Apparently, as a result of the April attack – owner of the domestic cat had to pay over $1000 for veterinarian medical expenses.  Domestic cat owner and their veterinarian are further concerned about rabies.  Vet has written a letter of concern in this matter for use by the Orchard Knolls owner – not specifically addressed.  Apparently, Owner of the domestic cats complaint is that “owner is intentionally luring the feral cats into residential neighborhoods”.  Further, according to owner of the domestic cats – “Animal Control says un-neutered and un-immunized animals on private property are trespassing”.


After much discussion on the matter, BOD decided this appears to be a neighbor dispute.  However, in order to protect the children and the Homeowner Association – BOD will engage our attorney to investigate legal positions and write a letter to the neighbor who may be luring feral cats.  Rick will contact our attorney.




Gazebo Mailbox - Attempted Break-In and Damage   Secretary sent letter to Postmaster documenting the events – requesting assistance in securing the area and the unit


Received $1,970 Repair Quote - Common Area Floods 15728 Cherry Blossom LaneSecretary received quote for $1,970 from Landscape Innovations (our lawn care contractor) to install a French Drain and pipe the runoff to the street.  (Adjacent neighbor’s down Spouts flood the common area) – Owner requested help at 2003 and 2004 Annual Meeting.  Area of concern is between 15728 & 15732.  Down spout runoff from 15732 and 15734 floods common area and this owner’s property with constant water/mud.  Due to the unexpectedly high cost and conflict with who has responsibility - BOD will revisit the issue at a later meeting


PGC Authorized Minor Landscape Work at PGC/Orchard Knolls West Boundary – Near Rt 28 – PGC is accomplishing significant landscape of their frontal property along Rt 28.  The location where their east boundary meets our west boundary is irregular, muddy and looks poor.  We requested PGC to regrade and reseed  the lot line – even if they have to encroach upon our property a few feet.  They were authorized up to $100 for materials.


Value Recovery for Damaged Rt. 28 Sprinkler System  -  BOD requested that secretary convey to SHA (via our attorney) our desire to settle for a few screening trees along the berm where SHA did the damage. 


Storage for HOA Records:  ABS wants to discard all HOA records older than 7 years.  If we want/need to save them, we must make arrangements for other storage.  We asked ABS to provide a cost to store those records in a suitable facility.  We have not heard back.  Treasurer will discuss with ABS


Supplemental Community Flowers -   On Hold – A proposal for upgraded colorful and creative flower bed designs for our east and west entrance marque and center island was submitted by our new lawn care contractor (Landscape Innovations, Inc). Total cost is  $12,643 in addition to our new contract which already includes three times more flowers than were installed last year.  Rick reminded contractor that the flowers were already included.  Contractor agreed to make an adjustment.  Jerry reminded BOD that at annual meeting, we advised membership that we did not have funds for non-budgeted projects.  Project deferred to next meeting.


Replace Outdoor Electronics Enclosure – On Hold -    “CedarShed Industries” makes a red cedar model with shake roof to match our homes. The 6 x 9-foot model could replace the existing ant-infested and leaking “Rubbermaid” unit causing deterioration in our electronic clock and digital controls for sprinkler and lighting systems. We have replaced two sets of controls due to ant infestation ($500 each).  Ants will not infest a cedar unit.  New unit would also provide storage for HOA owned equipment rusting in the Rubbermaid enclosure or stored in members garages.  Location is not negotiable because it must cover a myriad of underground water valves and electrical connections currently emanating at west end of east side berm.  Height is six feet.  Unit is screened with shrubs.  Cost is $1800. Volunteer Labor.


Add an East Side Stone Marque at Entrance– It is past time to consider this capitalized investment.  It would accomplish more than any other upgrade to dramatically improve our entrance, image and community value.  Jerry met with “Maryland Cast Stone” on Southlawn Drive, original builder of our west side stone marque.  Artwork and mold are gone – however they do same work.  “Orchard Knolls” tablet would cost $1,600 today and can be done in 2 months.  Cost for matching blue stone for the marque wall is unknown but we know it was acquired from “Stoneyhurst” quarry.  Stone mason is “Stoneworks” in Gaithersburg.  Labor cost is unknown.  Black colonial lanterns are $600 each without labor.  Total is estimated between $10 – 12K.  Our auditor advised (see previous minutes) that we could add a line item to the budget to allocate funds annually for 3 years.


All Townhome Community Retaining Walls Unsightly – Need Pressure Wash and Stain. Townhome PT retaining walls require periodic maintenance.  They have not been serviced in 13 years.


All Wood Benches are Unsightly – Need Pressure Wash and Stain. These 6 PT benches require periodic maintenance.  They have not been serviced in 13 years.


Retaining Wall Behind West Berm Needs Repair – The large PT wall is bending and falling backward on the west end and may need significant repair soon.


Retaining Wall by Gazebo Covered with Mold and Decay - This dog-leg section of wall at the intersection of Cherry Blossom Lane and Cherry Blossom Place is highly visible and makes our community look poor.   All town home owners must pass it to retrieve their mail daily.  It needs pressure wash, stain and sealing.


Directory Update - Rick has begun steps to produce a new directory.  He will contact Lisa Goodman and Rita Becker to arrange and schedule remaining logistics, reproduction and distribution work.


East Entrance Flower Bed Below Grade - Due to increased elevation of Blackberry Dr/Rt 28 East – flower bed is below grade of new sidewalk.


Two New Streetlights for Blackberry Drive Island – On Hold - Quote received for $2,750 to accomplish this project by bringing power through our conduit under Blackberry Drive from West side marque power source.  BOD decided to delay and review the need after uplighting project is complete.


Delayed Upgrade – Underground Townhome Streetlight Circuit Fully Loaded - Capacity on this main streetlight circuit is needed for 3 future projects:  1) Additional uplights for center island, 2) Center island streetlights, 3) New colonial lamps at Townhome entrance. Circuit begins behind Cherry Blossom Ct, then North, West, and South along Cherry Blossom Lane.  Contractor load tests concluded that further addition was not possible.  A new parallel circuit will be required.


Blackberry Drive Crosswalk at Playground - Lisa is working with Montgomery County in an effort to have this accomplished.


Blackberry Drive & Terrace Stop Sign to Replace Yield - Lisa is working with Montgomery County in an effort to have this accomplished


HOA Neglect of Common Area Lawns Adjacent to End-Unit Townhomes - End unit townhome lawns appear to be owned by the corner townhome. However it is only a perception. End units only own 4-feet from the side of the townhome brickwork.  Remaining side lawn area to the street is community common area and community responsibility.  Community lawn care is neglecting the weeding, feeding and trimming of these areas.  Most have become eyesores.


HOA is taking excellent care of it’s common area abutting 15701 Cherry Blossom Lane parallel-to Blackberry Drive. That town home’s common area side lot receives HOA sprinkling, trimming, fertilization, weeding, insecticide and lawn cutting.  HOA should treat all their townhome abutting common area properties alike.  The issue is neglect of community trimming, fertilization, weeding, insecticide and lawn cutting for other townhome side lots owned by the community.


Inefficient Curb Parking in Townhome Community - Limited curb parking is permitted and posted by signs on North and West Cherry Blossom Lane.  However, spaces are not marked.  Vehicles park randomly creating very inefficient use of the limited space.  Proposal is to “tic” mark each space.  American Striping quoted $399 to do the job in 2001.


Alleged Unlicensed Business in Cherry Blossom Place - Owner recently rented a townhome to ARC of Montgomery County:  According to our attorney, this County Service appears to be a family home for mentally challenged adults requiring adult assisted living.  Home is not allowed to exceed three adults.   A License to operate may be required.  HOA application and approval may be required. Rick obtained copy of lease for our files.   Our attorney is investigating.


Dog Waste Sign Intentionally Smashed - Citrus Grove Cul-de-sac - In-ground sign has been intentionally smashed as if by a heavy hammer, beat, split and wrapped around the steel pole.  Some members of the board wanted to remove it.  BOD decided to replace it.


HOA Mail (Distributed by ABS) to Owner’s Alternate Addresses - Some owners have “blind” addresses for their actual residence.  Their assessment bill is mailed to and paid by another financially responsible agent.  ABS continues to ask BOD - Should HOA mail, prepared by ABS, be mailed to owner’s “alternate” address? Should it be duplicated for resident’s HOA property?


HOA Mail Does not get to Tenants  - Due to lack of volunteers, several years ago, BOD discontinued door-to-door delivery of HOA information.  Instead, all such distributions are accomplished via US mail  - addressed only to owners at record-of-assessment address.  Neighbors continue to ask BOD to distribute HOA informative mail to all homes to include tenants.


Annoying Home Alarm - Cherry Blossom Lane owner wants BOD to take action -  Alleges that a loud, continuous, and obnoxious exterior alarm in Cherry Blossom Ct. goes off frequently (at least once a month)... alarm continues all day and does not get shut off until occupant comes home at 5pm.  Says he visited owner who explained that it is an interior alarm therefore no county law applies.  Cherry Blossom Lane owner alleges that alarm device is exterior mounted above rear kitchen door and very loud. 


Water Pooling at Gazebo; Mosquito Breeding Ground - Owner requested that HOA regrade this area to eliminate water from pooling and risk of mosquitoes breeding.  .


Preserve South West Tot-Lot Equipment - Requesting South West Lot’s baby-swings and see-saw be preserved.


SHA’s New Plum Trees for Center Island Due - SHA agreed to install one or two mature purple plum trees in center island in spring 2004.


SHA’s New Crepe Myrtle Trees for Rt 28 Median Due

SHA agreed to install crepe myrtles every 13 feet in Rt 28 Median - Blackberry Drive to Sr Center spring 2004.




BOD Procedure for Post Inspection Follow Up:

Step 1              First HOA Notice Letter

Step 2              Second HOA Notice Letter – Sent Certified Mail. 

Step 3              Attorney Warning (Includes first two letters) – Also Certified Mail.

Step 4              BOD contracts to enter property and resolve violation.  HOA bill sent to owner net 30 days.

Step 5              If Unpaid, ABS deducts from incoming quarterly assessment income.

Step 6              If Assessment becomes delinquent, Attorney applies lien on property – including legal fees


Blackberry Drive

156?? – Dead Tree.

First Letter – November 2003

Second Letter – Certified – June 2004

Owner has sold property and disclosed matter to new buyer.  Realtor says new buyer will comply


Cherry Blossom Lane

157?? - Missing House Number, Torn Dormer Screens, Rotting Front Rail Posts

First Letter – November 2003

Second Letter – Certified – June 2004


157?? - Torn Window Screens

First Letter – June 2004


157?? - Peeling Paint on Roof Rake Trim.  Deck Rails Rotted

First Letter  - June 2003

Second Letter – Certified – November 2003

January 2004 – Email to Board – Agreed to Comply by July 2004


157?? - Trim Color Violation.  "White" Front Rails do not match trim of building unit.

First Letter – June 2004


157?? - Chipped/Peeling Paint On Deck Rails and Roof Trim.

First Letter – July 2003

Second Letter – Certified – June 2004


157?? - Incorrect Color On Trim, Rear Deck Rails Need Paint

First Letter - June 2003

Second Letter – Certified – November 2003

February 2004 – Email to Board – Agreed to Comply when weather clears.


157??     Fences both sides damaged. Owner's tree down - side of home. Side Yard Trash

First Letter – November 2003

Second Letter – Certified – June 2004

June 2004 Telcon to Secretary – Will Comply by August 2004


157?? - Lower Front Rails Rotted

First Letter – June 2004


157?? - Garage Door and Trim Rotted.  Replace Crossbar on Post Lamp

First Letter – June 2003

Second Letter – Certified – November 2003

June 2004 - Per Treasurer – Owner out of USA until September.


157??  - Front Door and Shutters are Faded.

First Letter – June 2004


157?? - Deck Rails Rotted

First Letter – June 2004


Cherry Blossom Place

120?? – (HOC) Paint Peeling on Rear Windows Trim.  Front Trim Paint is Peeling

First Letter – June 2003

Second Letter – Certified – November 2003

Step 3 – Turned over to attorney - June 2004


120?? - Sheds in violation unless yard is fenced.  Deck rails and Roof Rake need Paint

First Letter – June 2004

June 2004 – Verbal to Secretary – Will Comply by end of July


120?? - Paint Peeling on Roof Rake Trim

First Letter – June 2004


120?? - Paint Peeling on Roof Rake Trim

First Letter – June 2004


120?? - Paint Peeling on Roof Rake Trim

First Letter – June 2004


120?? - Paint Peeling on Rear Windows and Roof Rake Trim

First Letter – June 2004


120?? - Paint Peeling on Rear Windows Trim

First Letter – June 2004


120?? - Deck Rails Still Not Painted to Match Trim

First Letter – June 2003

Second Letter – Certified – November 2003

Step 3 – Turned over to attorney - June 2004


120?? - Paint Peeling on Rear Windows and Roof Rake Trim

First Letter – June 2004


120?? - Bottom of Front Window Trim is Peeling Paint. Paint Peeling on Rear Windows Trim

First Letter – June 2004


120?? (HOC) Paint Peeling on Rear Windows Trim.  Front Door and Shutters Paint is Faded

First Letter – June 2003

Second Letter – Certified – November 2003

Step 3 – Turned over to attorney - June 2004


120?? (HOC) Paint Peeling on Rear Windows Trim.  Front Door Paint is Faded, Fence Damage

First Letter – June 2003

Second Letter – Certified – November 2003

Step 3 – Turned over to attorney - June 2004


Cherry Blossom Court

?  - Deck Rails Never Painted. Dormers chipped and peeling paint

First Letter – June 2003

Second Letter  - Mailed Certified November 2003

Step 3 – Turned over to attorney - June 2004


?  - Roof Rake is peeling paint. Post Light falling over

First Letter – June 2004


?  - Trim Around Garage door rotting and peeling.

First Letter – June 2004


?  - Portico above front door is white.  Must match trim

First Notice – May, June 2003

Second Letter  - Mailed Certified November 2003 

June 2004 - Telcon to Secretary – Contracting with a painter now.


Citrus Grove Court

? Citrus Grove Court – Garage & Storm Door Do Not Match Trim.  Shutter Color Not Approved

First Letter – November 2003

Second Letter – Certified – June 2004


Citrus Grove Road

120?? Citrus Grove Road - Foundation Does Not Match Color of Siding

First Letter – November 2003

Second Letter – Certified – June 2004



Replace Trees that have been Removed

Trim and Shape All Common Area Trees

Add 2 Center Island Streetlights

Add East Blackberry Drive Entrance Stone Marque

Matching Colonial Lamps at Townhome Entrance

Bronze “Orchard Knolls Towns” Plaques on Existing Stone Columns

Permanent Flagpoles with Uplighting at Front Entrance

Increase Berm Height at Senior Housing Boundary

Security Lighting along Creek and Bike Path

Add 2 Missing Red Maples at each end of North-East Blackberry Drive

Covered Picnic Pavilion over South West Lot

Trim All Common Area Trees.

Townhome Street Sweep Service

Annual Tree Care Contract

Pressure Wash and Seal Retaining Walls

Pressure Wash and Seal Wood Benches

Floral Upgrades Throughout Community

Add Trees Along Senior Center Boundary

Screen North Cherry Blossom Court Townhomes from Rt 28

Add Volleyball Court in Cherry Blossom Lane Courtyard

Screen Rt 28 along top of Berm

Creek bank Erosion Control

HOA Digital Voice Mail

Replace Electrical/Sprinkler Enclosure Unit

Streetlight Power Circuit Upgrade

Regrade Gazebo – Mosquitoes Breeding - Reroute Storm water Flooding 15728 CBL

Add Ground Cover to Berm Hillside Erosion Areas




CB Place – ARC of Montgomery County

Townhome Landscape Issues (Do Covenants Apply?)

Delinquent Assessment Collections (ABS Attorney)

Blackberry Drive/Rt 28 Intersection Pepco Illumination

Financial Recovery – Rt 28 Sprinkler System Vs SHA

NSF Financial Recovery – Previous Owner 15715 CB Lane – NSF

Back County Land Taxes – (Should not be billed to HOA)

Five TH Property(s) – Documented Long-Term Poor Property Maintenance

HOA Tree Damage Liability

Owners Luring Non-Domestic, Infected Feral Cats Into Community


16.  ADJOURNMENT AND NEXT MEETING - Monthly meeting adjourned at 9:00  Pm.


No Meeting in August.


Next meeting will be Monday,  September 13th, 2004, 7:00 Pm, location to be determined.  Call any board member for location.  Orchard Knolls owners and residents welcome.  Input by US mail, email, or web page is welcome.