PO Box 4225, North Potomac, Maryland 20885

Incorporated 1989 - A Self-Managed, Volunteer Community

Soliciting on HOA Property is Prohibited by Covenants

Governing Documents Are Available On Web Page


Minutes – Monthly Board Meeting

Owners Welcome, Others by Appointment

June 13, 2005

TABLE OF CONTENTS: (A Typical Agenda)

1. Administrative Matters

2. Hearings and Guest Presentations (If Any)

3. Treasurer’s Report and Financial Business

4. Architectural Review Committee and Property Maintenance Report

5. Unfinished Board Business

6. New Board Business

7. Unresolved Business Deferred to Next Meeting (May Not be Addressed)

8. Business Deferred to Next Annual Membership Meeting (November 2005)

9. Tables of Minutes-Related Information:

A. Lots With Property Maintenance & Architectural GuidelineViolations

B. Outstanding Tree, Shrub And Stump Problems

C. Membership Requests – Not In Budget

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BOD) - Volunteers, Elected by Annual Membership Meeting – 3 Year Term Expires:


Richard Schinner



Nov 2005

VP, Detached Homes

Lisa Goodman



Nov 2005

VP, Town Homes

Eileen Solomon



Nov 2007


Mohammad Homaitabar



Nov 2005


Jerry Way



Nov 2005

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE (ARC) - Volunteers Appointed by BOD – Indefinite Terms

Member – 1

Kathy Wyatt

Member – 2

Dennis Zepp

Member - 3

Lisa Goodman

Member - 4

Val Puddington

Members of Board of Directors are absentia members of Architectural Review Committee



Elm Street Development Corp - Northern Virginia


Detached Home Builders:

Southern Engineering and Northern Virginia



Garaged Town Home Builders:

NVR Classics (Northern Virginia Ryan)



Privately Owned Non-Garaged Town Home Builders:




County Owned Non-Garaged Town home Builders:




Total Homes:

Total Homes:




Auditors & Taxes Preparation

Ahlberg & Company, P.C.

Painting & Finishes

Mullin Painting Services

Attorney and Legal Consultant

David Gardner

Resident Agent:

Attorney David Gardner


Bank of America

Sprinkler & Underground Lighting

Unity Environmental Systems

Bookkeeping & Collections

Association Bookkeeping Svcs


The Sign Store

Copy & Reproduction Services


Snow Removal (Town Homes)

Landscape Innovations Inc.

Exterior Construction & Fencing

TML Construction

Street Lighting and Electrical

Power Systems Electric



Stone Mason

Frank Twyman

HOA Stationary

Rockville Printing


G&G Towing Services

Insurance & Bonds

State Farm

Trash & Waste Services

Titus of Montgomery County

Lawncare, Landscape, Tree Services

Landscape Innovations Inc.

Water & Sewer


Paving & Concrete, Striping

American Paving and Striping

Web Master

Interland, Inc.


Call To Order:

7:00 p.m. - 15714 Cherry Blossom Lane

Absent BOD/ARC Members:

Mohammad Homaitabar, Kathy Wyatt, Val Puddington ***



***Mohammad dropped off the monthly ABS financial report, but could not stay.

Minutes Review and Acceptance: Procedure: President is Chief Editor. Previous month’s edited minutes are posted to our website several weeks ahead of meeting. Members review online. An unedited, printed copy for permanent records is on the table for review. President identifies the printed copy and asks for any changes.

There were none. Motion made to accept without further change. Motion was 2nd, Passed unanimously.


Guest Presentations


Rule 2005-3; Property Maintenance & Architectural Guidelines Violations


Rule 2003-1; Common Area Behavior Violations



Operating Cash Remaining For This Quarter: (Excludes Replacement Reserves)

Checkbook Balance End of Last Month:

$ 3,866 From Balance Sheet

Less, Unbilled Commitments to end of Quarter:


Fixed Quarter Expense: Jan, Apr, Jul, or Oct = $9,900

Fixed Quarter Expense: Feb, May, Aug, or Nov = $6,600

Fixed Quarter Expense: Mar, Jun, Sep, or Dec = $3,300

3,300 June (Fixed)

Fees 4/15 – 5/27

4,027 Rick has Invoice

Remove 4 Entrance Hollys

150 Quote

Furnish/Install 3 Replacement Flowering Cherry Trees – (Note 2)

1,155 Quote

Furnish/Install 2 Replacement Blackberry Drive Maple Trees (Note 2)

740 Quote

Furnish/Install 3 Replacement West Side Creek Leyland Cypress Trees

1,125 Quote

Furnish 1 Leyland Cypress - Shed Screening – (Note 2)

69 Estimate

Remove 2 Dead Photinia on CBL Including Roots

88 Quote

Spray Hemlocks on Berm for Insects

250 Quote

Newsletter Mailing & Postage Costs (ABS)

300 Estimate

Repair Sprinkler System Pipe Leak & Replace Zone 1 Valve

900 Estimate

Remove Rotted Landscape Timbers in Entrance

150 Estimate

Additional Big-Bark After New N/E Tot-Lot Equipment

150 Estimate

Surplus (Deficit):

($ 8,538) Deficit


Note 2 – Committed for 2005, but BOD postponed this project until fall.



1. Townhome Streets-Related Replacements Reserve


Projected Need 12/31/05 Per TH Streets Replacement Plan

$ 78,200

Less, Allocations for Planned 2005 Programs:


a) Streets Repair and Re-Sealing

b) Re-Strip Parking



Remaining Need at EOY - if Programs Complete

$ 72,150


Actual Account Status :

73,637 From Balance Sheet

Budgeted Monthly Contributions to EOY:

4,608 ($7,900 Annual / 12 Mo) x 7 Remaining Mo)

Quoted Costs for Planned 2005 Programs (Above):

-6,600 (Quote)

Projected Actual at EOY

$ 71,645

Projected Surplus or Deficit at EOY:

(505) Deficit (Higher Costs to Re-Seal Streets)


2. All-Other-Assets Replacements Reserve


Projected Need 12/31/05 Per All-Other-Assets Replacement Plan

$ 75.900

Less, Allocations for Planned 2005 Programs:


a) Reseal Walk/Bike Path

-633 (Two Years Early)

b) Replace N/E Tot-Lot Equipment


c) Replace Entrance Lighting

-338 (Four Years Early)

Remaining Need at EOY if Programs Complete

$ 64,659


Actual Account Status:

-46,868 From Balance Sheet

Budgeted Monthly Contributions to EOY:

8,575 ($14,700 Annual / 12 Mo) x 7 Remaining Mo)

Pre-Paid Deposits on Planned Programs


Estimated Costs for Planned 2005 Programs (Above)

-11,616 ($3,500 Reseal + 7,441 Tot Lot + 675 Lights)

Projected Actual at EOY

$ 43,827

Projected Surplus or Deficit at EOY:

(17,111) Deficit (See Notes 1-3 Below)

Note: Deficit in All-Other-Assets Reserve is due to:

1) 2003 - $7,000 - S/E Tot-Lot equipment cost $10,000. Only $3000 was in the fund for that project.

2) 2004 - $6,000 - Reversal - TH Streets Reserve - Adjust for 6-years insufficient annual contributions.

3) 2004 - $1,970 - Reversal - Unbudgeted Pedestrian Bridge Upgrade Not an Operating Cost – Per Auditor

4. 2005 - $2,500 - Re-Seal & Repair Bike/Walking Paths Two Years Early – Reserves for this item have not matured.


3. General Operating Reserve:


Required 12/31/05 (2% Previous Yr Operating Budget)


Account Status - This Month’s Balance Sheet


Monthly Contributions to EOY:

0 Paid in Advance to Open Account

Projected Surplus or Deficit at EOY:



This Month:

$ ( 402) Deficit


$ (4,173) Deficit (See Notes 1-4 Below):

Note: Following Expenses Significantly Exceed Budget:

1. Snow Removal

3. Sprinkler System Repairs – Another Est $1,000 billing yet to be billed.

4. Replacement Leyland Cypress trees – $1,125 yet to be billed.

5. Remaining replacement trees (orders placed) exceed budget by $1,000.

Delinquencies: (Covenants require BOD to initiate legal collections for delinquencies greater than 6-Months.

Total Delinquent Accounts


Total Amount Delinquent


Greater than 6-Months:


Less than 6-Months


Legal Collection Process


District Court NSF Law Suit

1 (Diaz Vs HOA – NSF Law Suit)

Delinquencies Greater-Than-6-Months – ABS Collection Process: No report. Secretary will pursue.

Cash Shortfall: ABS called Rick this month to report checkbook monies are very low. Rick advised ABS that certain expenditures could be delayed until next month when 3rd quarter assessment monies begin to come in.

Discretionary Spending Curtailed: With Rick’s announcement of a cash flow problem and negative budget variances, BOD tonight curtailed all further discretionary spending. Commitments to-date ($8,538 above + $9,900 fixed costs for 3rd quarter) will exceed next quarter income and spill some deficit into 4th quarter

NSF Law Suit – Attorney David Gardner - No Report. Secretary will pursue.

Draft 2004 Audit In Review: Draft document is being hand carried through board members. Final decision to accept and publish will occur at next monthly board meeting.

N/E Tot-Lot Upgrade Under Budget – Reduces Replacement Reserves Deficit - Because Montgomery County would not allow the "Bouncer" unit in our configuration (new Tot-Lot space restrictions) total cost is less than budgeted. The credit will reduce the existing deficit.

Auditor Declares 2004 Bridge Upgrade Must be Partially Funded From Reserves – Worsens Existing Deficit: During his 2004 audit, our auditor determined that some operating funds expended to accomplish the 2004 bridge upgrade should have been funded from replacement reserves, rather than operating costs. We concluded in 2004 that this upgrade was not a replacement, therefore could only be funded by operating funds. The auditor instructed ABS to debit a partial amount of $1,970 from General Replacement Reserves and credit it to operating funds. Although this provided needed relief to our operating cash flow – it worsened our deficit in Replacement Reserves.


Architectural Guidelines And Property Maintenance Violations – Table Located At End Of Minutes.

June 12 Annual Townhome Community Inspection Yields 67 Violations. ARC and BOD members conducted the scheduled town home community walk through inspection as planned. Observations of poor property maintenance, unapproved exterior changes, and violations of Architectural Guidelines were recorded. There were 67 violations recorded for the entire garaged and non-garaged townhome communities.

Forty-Six Town Home Owners to Receive Violation Letters – New Rule 2005-3 Enforcement Procedure Applies: Owners of properties for the 67 observed violations will receive notices in the next few weeks. If this is first notice, a regular mail notice will request restoration in 90 days. If second notice, it will be mailed certified with a demand for restoration in 90 days or less. If third notice, owner will be requested to attend a scheduled hearing before board of directors to explain why they remain in violation. If they are found in violation, they will have 15 days to correct the violation after which HOA has the legal mandate to unilaterally arrange to remedy the problem at owner’s expense.

15738 Cherry Blossom Lane Owner Refuses to Repair Rotted Garage Door - BOD Hearing to be Scheduled. After reviewing a 2-year contact history of this problem, BOD recommends we utilize the BOD Hearing option under Rule 2005-3. Secretary will contact owner and schedule a hearing with the board.

Architectural Change Request (ACR) Applications Received or Processed This Month:

15602 Gooseberry Court

Change Front Door Color

In ARC Review

15622 Blackberry Drive

Widen Drive Parking


15618 Blackberry Ter

Modify Rear Yard Drainage

In ARC Review

15618 Blackberry Ter

Change Walk to Flagstone

In ARC Review

5. UNFINISHED BUSINESS - (Previous Minutes):

Sprinkler/Lighting Control Center - North Side Tree Screening May Not be Possible: Last month, BOD approved purchase of a mature Leyland Cypress for north side of shelter. However, there are so many underground low voltage wires in that area that the tree may not be the right solution. Perhaps an ivy arbor is more appropriate. BOD is soliciting recommendations on type of future screening. The tree will be delayed until fall, then planted elsewhere. Jerry recommended a vacant location inside the new N/E Tot-Lot. The location was to be used for the "bouncer" that Montgomery County would not allow. Board wanted more time to review.

Sprinkler/Lighting Control Center Complete - Keys to Board Members – Secretary had keys with id tags made for all board members and distributed them tonight.

Repeat Complaint – HOC Property at 12001 Cherry Blossom Place - Tenant Operating a Business – HOC ignored our original letter on this repeat complaint. Secretary was finally able to reach HOC by telephone three weeks ago. The representative for this property is Ms. Alita Plummer. Ms. Plummer reviewed her file from previous representatives on this matter and scheduled a site visit with tenant. She agreed to call us back with a report of findings and disposition. Ms. Plummer did not call back. After two weeks, we reached Ms Plummer again. She has been sick and needed more time. Ms Plummer’s recorded message advises callers to connect to the operator for circumstances that need escalating. The system has not worked for four weeks. We reported that failure to Ms Plummer three weeks ago. It too has not been fixed. Your Montgomery County taxes are hard at work.

Operating a business is a violation of covenants. Tonight, BOD recommended we initiate a BOD Hearing process for this complaint as identified by new Rule 2005-3. Secretary will advise HOC and schedule a hearing according to the new rule.

Complete: Spray Berm Hemlocks for Insects and Mites. Our Landscape and Lawncare contractor noted the Hemlocks on the berm facing Rt 28 are infested with "Wolly Adelgid" and Mites. They will kill the trees this season. Cost to spray is $250. Rick, Jerry and Eileen inspected and agreed. BOD agreed to spray

Complete: Remove Overgrown Entrance Holly’s - Expose Bluestone Columns and Wall. Our four holly bushes in the entrance marque turned out not to be bushes – they were holly "trees" with 8-Inch center trunks. Now we know why they were growing so tall. We have received many favorable comments as a result of exposing the beautiful wall.

Complete: Replace Entrance Marque Wall Stones - Several blue stones have fallen out of the wall. This month, Jerry purchased some mortar and replaced the stones. Pointing up the complete wall will be estimated in the 2006 budget and deferred to next year.

Complete: Entrance Summer Flowers Installed – One Month Late, Wrong Colors - Contractor delayed too long and could not find red and white begonias. Therefore red and pink were installed. Delay was blamed on a business reorganization. Contractor apologized to President Rick.

Complete: Missed Spring Flowers Result in Additional Summer Flowers – Many New Locations - Contractor completely missed our allocation of spring flowers included in the contract. He agreed to add the same quantity to our summer installation. He was supposed to remove the rotted landscape timbers in the entrance bed, but delayed too long and could not install the correct quantity flowers. After many phone calls, the rotted timbers were removed and the additional flowers were installed. There were still too many – so contractor installed more in the center island, around the post on our Blackberry Drive/Rt 28 bull nose, and more at the mailbox gazebo. Actually, it looks nice.

Complete: New Hanging Flower Basket in Center Island. Early spring, Mullin Painting agreed to furnish and install a hanging basket of flowers in our center island. After many reminders, it did not materialize. Finally, Secretary purchased and installed a small ($10) basket this month. It get’s missed by the sprinklers. When you drive or walk by – pour a shot your drinking water on the basket. A gentle act of kindness.

Postponed to Fall: Replacement of 8 Removed Trees – Last month, BOD approved order for 8 replacement trees removed but not replaced in years past: 3 Yoshino Cherry Trees (two directly in front of private residences in Non-Garaged Townhomes removed in 2003, one directly in front of a Garaged Townhome removed in 2004), 2 Red Sunset Maples to match existing (1 at each end of North-East Blackberry Drive missing since 1994), and 3 Leyland Cypress at North-West Blackberry Drive Stormwater Creek split-rail fence - to replace dead trees removed in 2004. Project is in approved 2005 budget.

Postponed to Fall: Removal of Two Dead White Pines – Our dead tree inventory identified a large dead white pine behind #1 Cherry Blossom Court and another behind 15711 Cherry Blossom Lane near the creek.

Postponed to 2006 - Three 2005 Budgeted Projects: Extend Brick Gazebo Walk to Curb, Upgrade Entrance Marque Lettering, Pressure Wash Tot-Lot Benches.

Postponed to 2006 – Installation of Weeping Yews in Entrance – Our landscape contractor submitted a quote to install these sculptured yews. Board declined to proceed with this replacement of the removed holly trees.

Postponed to 2006 - Purchase of Orchard Knolls Boundary Drawings from Park and Planning – Secretary requested this purchase because we do not have accurate boundary drawings. Board declined to proceed with this purchase needed to legally identify homeowner lot boundaries vs. HOA Common Area and Montgomery County Parkland.

Complete: New Equipment for North-East Tot-Lot – Worn-out and unsafe equipment was removed last week. The equipment came in on time and under budget. New large bark chips will be installed this week. This project is in the 2005 approved reserves budget.

Complete: Entrance Marque Florescent Lighting Replaced– This upgrade, one of top 5 requested by the community, is complete. The lights had to be replaced four years earlier than planned. One of two fifteen year old florescent units was nearly destroyed by deer. An expensive outdoor ballast had to be replaced in the other last year. The quote came in at $675, significantly under budget. After one new fixture was installed, observers did not care for the look of the fixture or the amber light on the wall. Contractor agreed to remove and install smaller fixtures using halogen lamps at same price. Halogen produces a whiter and more intense light. The new system is installed and is much brighter than the old. The project is complete.

Complete: 2005 Newsletter and Rule 2005-3 Published and Mailed to All Owners End of May – After several false starts, and one complete re-write, the largest newsletter yet was published last week. Thanks again for a Herculean effort by Brian Zarchin, our resident newsletter guru, advisor, designer, director, and producer. Fourteen articles were submitted. The first draft submission resulted in a week of churning by board members. The second time, Brian was able to assemble the final package in just 24 hours. Secretary and ABS accomplished the copying, envelope stuffing and mailing. The newsletter also included an attached copy of newly adopted Rule 2005-3 on Property Maintenance and Architectural Guidelines Enforcement. All owners were copied. Great job Brian!

Townhome Streets to be Repaired, Sealed and Re-Striped – May also include Walking Paths - We have received the contractor’s quote to do the streets. Contractor and Rick accomplished a site review visit this month. There is some concern that the walking path quote is not accurate. Rick continues to negotiate with contractor for final prices and a schedule date. The date and instructions will be published and mailed shortly.


Sprinkler System Leaking Underground – Several Zones Inoperative – Flooding North-East: We are experiencing a dramatic rise in repairs on original 1992 system components. The current system has been in operation only 5 weeks and is leaking badly in at least 3 areas. Two zones are not working due to electrical short circuits from area flooding. Unity has been called and agreed to be on site this week for repairs.

Unfounded and Libelous Accusation Against HOA President - President Richard Schinner reviewed a letter he recently sent to an unnamed Orchard Knolls owner in an effort to identify the culprit and stop the spread of a libelous accusation in regard to the 2003 installation of split rail fence around his property – allegedly at HOA expense. Rick paid for the fence on his property with a separate check to the contractor at that time. Rick displayed the cancelled check and attached a copy with his letter to owner. Owner responded with a follow-up letter to Rick. Rick reviewed the letter with the board noting the letter offered an apology. Rick wants the letter in his property file and a record in the minutes.

Postponed: Community Yard Sale – Board could not get agreement to purchase signs or enough volunteers to organize this effort. Many insist a fall sale will occur. Stay tuned……

Unsatisfactory Lawncare and Landscape Services: Until recently, our entrance has never looked so poor this late into spring and summer. We have received several homeowner complaints about uncut and untrimmed grass, untrimmed shrubs, and overgrown tree limbs. In addition, BOD has had to accomplish repeated communication with our contractor to get contract specified requirements accomplished. They are often missing or very late. Quality is poor. BOD asked Rick and Jerry to meet with contractor to develop a get-well plan, or begin the process to find another contractor.


"No Soliciting" Signs to be Installed at Entrance: We are still looking for the bronze signs used by Kentlands.

We will continue to shop for those signs.

"No Advertising" Signs at Gazebo: We will contract for these signs with the "No Soliciting" signs.

Directory Update Underway – Lisa, Eileen and Rick have begun the effort to produce the document shortly.

Construct Missing Stone Marque at East Blackberry Drive Entrance This RFQ still outstanding.

Suspicious Mailbox Behavior – BOD has received information from an owner that the Cherry Blossom Place tenant that was evicted over a year ago, occasionally returns and sits in a parked vehicle in Cherry Blossom Place – apparently waiting for the mail to arrive at the gazebo. What precisely happens once the mail arrives is unknown. There is reason to believe that this behavior may be linked to the 2004 attempted break-in(s) at the gazebo mailbox units. There is no violation of law that we know of at this time. We have asked the owner to report any related events.

Multiple Unregistered, Unlicensed Day Care Operations – BOD has received complaints of high traffic baby and small children "pick-ups" and "drop-offs" particularly in the townhome community. Complaints are centered around a significant traffic increase in am and pm with observations of a myriad of non owner/tenant children being dropped off and picked up. Jerry noted that our records indicate there are no registered Day Care Operations in Orchard Knolls at this time. Owner observations indicate otherwise. BOD again decided to table the matter until a less busy time.

Gazebo Mailbox - Attempted Break-In and Damage – Secretary sent letter to Postmaster documenting the events – requesting assistance in securing the area and the unit. There has been no response

Neglect of Lawn Care on Common Areas Adjacent to End-Units – End Townhome side-lawns deceptively appear to be owned by townhomes. They are not. They are owned by HOA. End units own only 4-feet from brickwork. Remaining lawn is HOA responsibility. Lawn care is neglecting to weed, feed and trim these HOA areas for 8 of 9 end unit town homes. Most have become eyesores. One end unit adjacent to Blackberry Drive is receiving outstanding HOA lawn care. Because of it’s prime location, that home’s side lot receives HOA sprinkling, contracted trimming, fertilization, weeding, insecticide, reseeding, thatch removal, and lawn cutting.

Dog Waste Sign Intentionally Smashed - Citrus Grove Cul-de-sac - Sign has been intentionally beat, split and wrapped around steel pole. Some members of board wanted to remove it.

Should HOA Mail (Prepared by ABS) be Mailed to Owner’s "Alternate" Address? ABS only has the owner’s address for their record of assessment – not always where they live. Their payment (assessment address) is often mailed to another responsible agent. Should HOA mail prepared by ABS be mailed to owner’s "alternate" address? Should it be duplicated for resident’s HOA property?

HOA Mail Does not go to Tenants of Remote Owners - Due to lack of volunteers, several years ago, BOD discontinued door-to-door delivery of HOA information. Instead, all such distributions are accomplished via US mail - addressed only to owners at record-of-assessment address. Neighbors ask BOD to distribute HOA informative mail to all homes to include tenants.


Should Blackberry Drive (West) Tot-Lot be Upgraded? The scheduled 2003 upgrade of this lot did not materialize due to high cost of equipment. Straw polls indicate little demand. Only swing and see-saw remain. Other equipment was unsafe and removed. BOD limited 2003 upgrades to the east lot. That has been a success. NE Tot-Lot is complete. There are several alternatives such as a community picnic area with covered pavilion. Another is to grass the area over. Tot-Lots have high maintenance cost such as painting, big-bark mulch, repairs, fencing, etc. Grassing it over would eliminate the deficit in Reserves. It will reduce liability and may lower quarterly fees. At 2004 annual meeting, there was no interest to upgrade this lot. After significant discussion membership declined to endorse spending the money.

Upstream Bank Erosion Continues to Exposes Bridge: During celebratory discussions that the bridge upgrade is finally complete - secretary pointed out risk of bridge wash-out (again) in a heavy storm is diminished but not gone.

Establish Volunteer Entrance Committee: A suggestion was made at last Annual Meeting to develop a volunteer "Entrance Landscape Committee" to take design and implementation responsibility for the landscape and floral upkeep of our entrance at Blackberry Drive. The committee would be made up of an equal number of townhome vs. single family home members, and would be granted the entire budget currently in place for the annual entrance maintenance.

Establish (Hire) HOA Maintenance Person: A suggestion was made at last Annual Meeting for Orchard Knolls to hire a part time maintenance person to accomplish routine non-major repair and upgrade tasks such as sign maintenance, minor painting, light bulb replacement etc. Responsibilities and a fee schedule could be identified in advance

$1,920 for Additional Streetlight at Intersection of Cherry Blossom Lane at Blackberry Drive - This area is very dark. It does not have a streetlight on Cherry Blossom Lane side (area of Stop sign). Area is prone to black ice in winter. This intersection has had two vehicle accidents and one pedestrian accident. Neighbors have requested lighting. The opposite end of Cherry Blossom Lane has a streetlight – this end does not. Board is reluctant to commit this money now.

$3,250 for New Blackberry Drive Sidewalk Street Light (Tot-Lot Entrance) - Contractor quote for this unit arrived this month. The cost is $3,250. The high cost is due to the long underground supply circuit and requirement to go under Cherry Blossom Lane. In addition, the project requires completion of an added streetlight on Cherry Blossom Lane – another $1,920. Both projects will be deferred to Annual Membership Meeting.

ADJOURNMENT Monthly meeting adjourned at 8:40 Pm

NEXT MEETING -. July 11, 2005 – 7pm. Meeting may be rescheduled in order to have monthly financial report available from ABS. Call any board member for location. Orchard Knolls owners and residents welcome. Non-owners and guests by invitation only. Input by US mail, email, or web page.