PO Box 4225, North Potomac, Maryland  20885


Minutes – Monthly Board Meeting

September 12, 2005


BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BOD) -  Volunteers, Elected at Annual Membership Meeting – 3 Year Term Expires:


Richard Schinner



Nov 2005

VP, Detached Homes

Lisa Goodman


Nov 2005

VP, Town Homes

Eileen Solomon



Nov 2007


Mohammad Homaitabar



Nov 2005


Jerry Way



Nov 2005



Kathy Wyatt

Dennis Zepp

Val Puddington




Call To Order:

President Called Meeting to Order at 7: Pm.

Absent Members:     



Reardon Sullivan – Owner and David Haas – Owner


No August Meeting:    


Minutes - BOD Rejects Motion to Remove Minutes from HOA Web Site - A motion was made to remove web minutes.  BOD declined to second the motion. 


July 11 Minutes Reviewed & Approved:  There were no changes.  Motion to accept, seconded. Vote approved 4 - 1.




Rule 2005-3, Property Maintenance & Architectural Guidelines Violations


7:00 Pm – 157?? Cherry Blossom Lane – Owner sent letter confirming he engaged contractor.


7:30 Pm – 157?? Cherry Blossom Lane – Owner sent email declining to make repairs.

   BOD will mail notice that HOA intends to correct violations at owner’s expense.


8:00 Pm – 157?? Cherry Blossom Lane – Owner contacted board this week; agreed to repair or replace door shortly.




ABS August Financial Statement:  August statement did not arrive from ABS.


2004 Taxes Not Signed - Records indicate we have not signed Federal, State or County tax forms.  Treasurer will investigate with our auditor who prepares our taxes.




Architectural Change Request (ARC) Applications:


12002 Blackberry Terrace

Deck Modification


12009 Pineapple Grove Dr

Addition of Wood Rails


12016 Blackberry Terrace

New Walk


12016 Blackberry Terrace

Change Front Door

In ARC Review

15732 Cherry Blossom Lane

Special Purpose Roof Antenna

In ARC Review

12023 Blackberry Terrace

Change Trim, Door,  Shutter Color

Need Samples

15734 Cherry Blossom Lane

International Satellite Dish





NPCA (North Potomac Citizens Association) – Continues to Support Opposition Effort -  HOA received letter from NPCA president John Putnam requesting continued alliance on this issue.  Rick will follow up with John.


Complaint – HOC Property at 120?? Cherry Blossom Place - Tenant Business & Exterior Trash - Neighbors report that business activity seems to have subsided.  However abandoned hot water heater and trash in berm behind rear yard remains.  BOD asked secretary to send another letter to HOC on remaining matters.


Complete:  Townhome Streets Asphalt Resealing:   This project completed in August.  It was funded by TH Streets Reserve.  Permitted curb parking along west and north Cherry Blossom Lane was striped for the first time in 15 years.


Complete:  Walking Path Asphalt Repairs and Resealing:  This project, accelerated from 2007 due to deteriorating surface conditions, completed in August.  It was partially funded by All-Other Assets Replacement Reserve. The reserve will incur some deficit due to having to accomplish the project two years earl.


Complete:  Orchard Knoll’s White Vinyl Fence Repaired:  Thanks to board member Mohammad.  Mohammad purchased repair parts from Long Fence and volunteered the labor.  The project is complete; a major cost savings.


Paid:  Sprinkler Startup Deposit.  The $1,000 non-payment error occurred due to unfamiliar terms and conditions of new contract.  The deposit has been paid.


Complete:  Entrance Marque Lights Replaced:  Brighter, low-profile halogen lighting has replaced the 15 year old damaged florescent fixtures.


Complete:  Entrance Stone Wall Repairs: Jerry purchased epoxy mortar and replaced the two large stones that fell out.  The wall has many loose stones and cracks.  It needs complete masonry pointing.  That will be added to 2006 budget.


Pepco Steel Cable Hanging From Pole in Front of Orchard Knolls.  Negotiations with Pepco to get this cable removed continue at a snail pace.  Pepco blames Verizon and Comcast.  Cable is used to hold the pole up – not a Verizon or Comcast responsibility.  Reardon Sullivan offered to loan bolt-cutter to remove the cable if all else fails.




Mid-Summer Storm Downed Trees and Limbs:  A large tree limb fell on Citrus Grove Road Circle, and an Ash tree completely uprooted across walking path behind Pineapple Grove Drive.  They were removed by our Landscaper.   


Security Fence to Be Installed Around Building Behind Fire Station:  On August 8, Montgomery County sent HOA information regarding planned 8-12 foot high, barbed-wire, chain-link fence to be installed around their Urban Search and Rescue building.  The building located behind the fire station is visible from Citrus Grove Road (West), and behind homes along Blackberry Drive (South).


2006 Budget Preparation Deferred to Next Month:  An initial version of a proposed 2006 budget was circulated to board members.  BOD decided to postpone budget preparation to next board meeting.  Meeting is expected to be focused on 2006 budget.


Community Yard Sale Postponed to Spring 2006.  After much discussion on preparation and notification needs and cost, BOD again postponed community yard sale to Spring 2006.  Lisa agreed to chair the project.


Annual Meeting Scheduled November 7 – Four Open Board Positions -  Reservations made and fees paid for November 7, 7:30 – 10:30 Pm, Quince Orchard High School.  Rooms have changed to 232 – 237.  There are four board member positions up for reelection or nominations from the floor for new candidates. 


Winter 2005-2006 Snow Removal Contract Received.  Contract renewal is due.  The new contract has increased costs due to fuel increases.  Last year, even after renegotiations, actual costs exceeded our snow removal budget by 400%.  Rick and Jerry will review the contract and update other members.


2006 Lawncare Contract - Renewal Requested – Landscape Innovations has requested we make desired changes to our work scope and submit now for new pricing. There is only 3 months to start of new contract.  Secretary will do a red-line markup and submit to president this month.  The Contract will go out to bid to other contractors this year.


Early Spring Entrance Flowers Eliminated:  Last spring, contractor missed our optional early spring rotation of 432 flowers.  Instead of providing cash credit, they installed 216 additional flowers in the normal spring rotation, and 216 in the fall rotation.  Contractor now recommends we abandon the early spring option.  BOD voted tonight to abandon the option and reduce contract cost by the value of the eliminated flowers.  Secretary will revise work scope for the 2006 renewal.


Alleged Altercation – 120?? Cherry Blossom Place – ARC of Montgomery County (ARCMC) is tenant.  Early August, neighbors filed a written complaint with HOA that a male occupant made threatening gestures.  Owner, HOA and ARCMC are in discussions. ARCMC initiated an Emergency Interdisciplinary Meeting (ITM) to assess the incident and apply discipline in the home.  Marian K. Salahuddin, representative of ARCMC is expected to provide a follow up report and also attend a board meeting next few months.


Burglary - ? Cherry Blossom CourtSometime during late evening hours in July, someone entered the town house through open garage door and stole cash, credit cards and other small but valuable items.  Owner was home at the time but did not realize the theft until next day.  Police are investigating.


CCOC Dues:  Paid.


Kinko’s Auto Invoice Restricts Job Identification – BOD was advised that new automated real-time invoice procedure precludes ability to identify job.  Our invoices are now instantly sent to ABS without ability to add job identification. This month – 2 street signs, and 160 flyers for Resealing Project.  Treasurer will advise ABS.


Pedestrian Bridge #2  - Although the bridge seems solid (except for some loosened boards) both ends are appear to be washed out.  TML asked to provide repair estimate.  Mohammad also has a contractor that may provide an alternate estimate.


ADJOURNMENT  Meeting adjourned at 9:15 Pm